2 Months and 5 Boxes of Blackmores Vital Shine Later

    Far from being my crowning glory, I often cringe when I see too much scalp when I look into myself in the mirror.

    Hair loss in my early 30s? Many people assume hair loss is a problem that primarily affects older men and even fewer older women but unfortunately, it is happening to me, and many other younger women out there. It could be due to various reasons such as a change in hormones, improper diet, stress, iron deficiency and etc.
    Genetically, I also have very fine hair and grey hair growing out so I hate to tie my hair up in case someone sees my exposed scalp with very little hair.
    While hair loss at a young age can be alarming, it is very important to address the issue. Hair needs a healthy diet and a well-functioning endocrine system to flourish, so I’m trying to “feed” my hair with the nutrients that it needed. Blackmores Vital Shine is a first of its kind drinkable hair tonic product that promotes healthy and strong hair, prevents hair greying, prevents hair loss and is made up of natural ingredients.

    As I read through the label, Blackmores Vital Shine is made of a combination of carefully selected nourishing ingredients – He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti), bamboo shoot extract, millet seed extract, white tea extract and sea buckthorn for maintaining healthy hair. These ingredients help to reduces premature hair greying and build stronger hair from roots. I remembered my mum always boiling He Shou Wu black bean soup for the family, as it helps in maintaining the youthful condition and color of the hair. However, I refuse to drink it most of the time because it tastes bitter. Sorry mum!
    Each box of Blackmores Vital Shine comes in 12 individually packed bottles and you are supposed to consume one bottle per day. Surprisingly, the hair tonic tastes really good, almost similiar to prune juice with a sweet and tangy flavour. I love to drink it chilled.

    Vital Shine is also certified halal by THIDA (Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association) which is a halal body recognized by JAKIM, Malaysia.
    Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 5.34.08 PM.png
    2 months and 5 boxes of Blackmores Vital Shine later, I think I see new baby hair “sprouting” along my hair line!! I used to hate how so much scalp is visible in between my sparse hairs but it is less visible now. I am quite happy with the improvement.
    I have quite a rigorous beauty routine on my face and I’ve been taking collagen and vitamins for the face, however I found myself guilty for not taking good care of my hair. I guess it is time to invest some time and money on my hair from now onwards by continuing to take Blackmores Vital Shine on a daily basis.

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