GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair – Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion

    If you’re tired of suffering from back, neck, or joint pain, or if you’ve been dreaming of relaxation and stress relieving activities, then you might want to consider hopping onto a massage chair and enjoying the relaxing effects on your body.

    Massaging away the muscle tension can be a great way to relieve your stress. It can help to reduce pressure on your nerves and align your spine, causing a reduction in back pain and helping to improve your posture too. A massage can also improve your circulation, help promote tissue regeneration and give you a better night’s sleep.

    Imagine how great you would feel being able to use your massage chair every evening or whenever you had some free time.
    With so many massage chair companies flooding the market, it is not easy to make the choice. One should always go for a reputable company that offer high-quality chairs backed by great warranties. With over 100 retail outlets nationwide, GINTELL is a reputable name and is certified by the 2015 Malaysia Book of Records as the Largest Healthcare Product Chain Store in Malaysia.

    We sat and tested the GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair that is ergonomically designed with the most advance and revolutionary massage technology to suit the needs of different customers.

    Some of the key features that we really like:

    I-Sensing System – Once I sank my body onto the massage chair, the I-Sensing System started to measure my body shape and length from head to toes to accurately to provide the “tailor-made” massage experience. Even a short girl like me can enjoy head to toe massage and feel at ease.

    Space seat recliner – I almost felt like I’m being in a space ship with 0 gravity, the chair can recline and decline smoothly without me realising much.

    180° Space Stretch – It is an advanced chiropractic concept programme that helps relieve stress and tension on the spine and muscles. It works really well in untying all my muscle knots.

    360° Air-Calf Massage – I have serious water retention problem so my calves always appear to be swollen and feeling sore. The 360° massage coverage helps in relieving my problems. The Full 3D Foot Guasa also feels like a real foot reflexology session, which I really like.

    Aero V-Track – With the extension of 125 cm, the Aero V-track can now even reach my thighs and buttocks, offering 45% more massage coverage than normal massage chair. Great for office lady like me who sit in the office all day long!

    QUAD 3D Roller Balls – Being the first in the market, the humanized 4x 3D roller balls is great in pin pointing pressure areas and lower back pain covers a wider area of coverage across my shoulders. The neck massage feature is good. No more stiffness after this.

    Apart from that, I also love the music therapy, heat therapy and negative ionizer for the ultimate relaxation experience.

    Click “play” to see how I really enjoy my massage session on the GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair.
    Thanks GINTELL for this cute little gift too – a 3D UFO light.
    DéVano S Funtastic Sofa

    In celebration of Parents Day, GINTELL is currently having a Parent’s Day buy one free one promotion for their massage chairs with the Double Happiness Package, starting from RM4,988. GINTELL is also having a promotional price for the De’ Space U.F.O Massage Chair at RM 21,988 with a FREE DéVano S Massage Chair.

    It is a great opportunity to show your appreciation towards your parents, plus you get to keep the DéVano S Massage Chair for your own use (if you feel like it la!). Remember to visit over 100 GINTELL showrooms nationwide to find out more or visit GINTELL Home Page for more information.

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