Brasserie 25 @ Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur

    If you have driven past the Dang Wangi area, you would have notice Hotel Stripes KL and its impressive looking exterior and beautiful facade. This hotel is also the newest addition to YTL Hotel’s impressive portfolio of hotels and resorts in Malaysia.
    All about French style and sophistication, Hotel Stripes is also part of YTL Hotel’s chic and stylish Autograph Collection for Marriott.
    Located on Level 1 of the hotel is Brasserie 25, a French bistro serving up some casual French cuisine.
    With its red brick arcades, mid-century copper sputnik chandeliers and dark wood floors, this French-style restaurant located provides a dramatic yet relaxed vibe.

    From our table, we can also see the young chefs bustling away at the open kitchen.

    The menu features all the French classics but we were having a hard time deciding. We asked our friendly and highly attentive waiter for his recommendations and decided to start with the Terrine (Rm 40), Foie Gras Poele (Rm 50) and Escargots (Rm 40).

    Foie Gras Poele (RM 50)
    Pan-seared foie gras with warm onion marmalade and spiced bread.

    Pan-seared to perfection, the foie gras went really well with the warm onion marmalade. A balance of sweetness and acidity is the perfect complement to the taste of rice, creamy foie gras.
    Escargots (RM 40)
    6 pieces of baked burgundy escargots with garlic herb butter.

    Snails bathing in a golden, buttery garlic sauce; what’s not to love?
    Terrine (RM 40)
    Foie gras terrine, toasted brioche, fig jam.

    The terine has a firm yet creamy texture; and not grainy at all. Love the authentic and strong flavour as it melts in my mouth. So good with the toasted brioche and fig jam!
    Red Wine (RM 45/glass)

    What about some French wines to go with your mains? We tried the Chateau St Martin from Bordeaux and it pairs beautifully with most of our main dishes.
    Cassoulet(RM 60)
    Stewed white bean with lamb sausage, duck confit

    Brasserie 25 is really generous with most of the main’s portion. A combination of hearty sausages, luscious duck confit and wholesome cannellini beans makes this cassoulet the perfect companion to a cold rainy’s night.
    Cabillaud (RM 80)
    Pan roasted black cod filet with ratatouille.

    The cod was pan roasted to tender and flaky perfection and has the best sweet flavor!
    Truffle Fries (RM 15)
    Jous de Boeuf Braisee (Rm 120)
    Braised beef cheek in red wine, carrot, mushroom, pearl onion, mashed potato

    This must be Brasserie 25’s signature dish. The beef cheek was super soft and tender, almost melt in the mouth with strong beef flavour. So good!
    Crepes Suzettes (RM 30)

    For desserts, we had a French classic – crepes suzettes. The thin crepes layer bathed in light cream and a sugary orange and Grand Marnier sauce is a delight to the palate.
    La Crème Brulee (RM 20)

    I prefer mine not too firm or too soft, silky and creamy with a good sugar crust but Brasserie 25’s version is a tad too firm for my likings.

    Les Fromages Fermiers (RM 50)

    Can’t say no to premium French cheeses. From light to rich, firm to creamy; there’s something for everyone

    The menu is small but well put together and everything we tasted was lovely – fresh, nicely presented and authentic. Not to mention great service and ambiance too, as you can expect from a YTL hote.

    Brasserie 25 – Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection (Marriott)
    25, Jalan Kamunting,
    Chow Kit, 50300
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tel:+60 3-2038 0000

    Hotel Stripes Website

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