My Skin Journey with JIA Clinic @ Bangsar, KL (Part I)

    As some of you may already know, I’m no longer with Drx Clinic since last year. The reason being? My aesthetic doctor Dr. Teh Jia Li has left Drx Clinic and I’ve been waiting for her to open up her own clinic. Don’t get me wrong, Drx Clinic cured my acne problem and I really love their skin care products. However, I feel really comfortable with Dr. Teh and hence I prefer to be under her care *sticky patient*.
    That being said, I’ve not done anything to my face for the past 1 year! *gasp*

    It is time to fix my skin problem again in year 2017. J.I.A clinic is located at Jalan Telawi 3, same row as Affin Bank and opposite G3 Kitchen & Bar.

    I love the clinic’s interior – bright, clean and airy. The light blue and woody tone adds a bright, refreshing splash of color and elegance to the plain white walls.
    Once registered, I was being ushered into a private lounge/waiting area. I think it is really thoughtful because you know, just in case you do not want to be seen. The telawi area is attracting a lot of foot traffic after all. Snacks, coffee, tea and water are being provided. You can also keep yourself entertained by watching some movies or making use of their free wi-fi services.
    During my first visit, I did a Q-Switch Laser treatment to reduce my pore size as well as to get rid of the pigmentations on my face. It has been TWO years since I last did my laser session for pigmentation. Due to excessive traveling plus not using sun block diligently, the freckles reappeared on my face. However, it is still a lot lesser compared to last time.

    What is Q-Switched Laser?

    Q-switched laser facials or “red carpet laser facials” are a popular treatment and can be done on a weekly basis for maintenance purposes. It can be used for:

    • Pigmentation (such as freckles, sun spots, age spots, brown spots, melasma, birthmarks)
    • Acne marks
    • Fairer skin
    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Pimples and acne
    • Tattoo removal

    What is the procedure?

    You will be provided with protective goggles and your skin thouroughly cleansed. I opted for numbing cream because I do not like the tingling sensation on my skin.

    Any side effects? 

    The side effect is becoming prettier lor! Jokes aside, the side effects are minimal. Scarring and infections are unlikely and very rare.

    What is the down time? 

    There may be some initial mild redness after the treatment, similar to mild sunburn, which typically fades within hours. You may resume your normal activities after treatment, although take care to avoid sunlight and some skin products (eg those containing retin-A) for a period of time.

    When do I see result?

    Although you may see some immediate improvement in your skin, with the blackheads gone and a smoother texture, the full results with be unveiled over the coming weeks to months as your skin produces more collagen.

    JIA clinic
    Immediately after the laser session, I felt a burning sensation on my pigmentation area. However, it lasted only for 1-2 hours. On day 2, the pigmentation became darker with a fine crusting.

    Do not freak out, it is completely normal! It usually takes about 7 days for these freckles to come off as the body works to eliminate the pigmented blemishes. Wear a big hat and sun block to protect from the sun while you are healing. By day 6, 90% of my freckles have fallen off and look at my clear skin please!

    I also did Q-Switched laser for skin rejuvenation. My skin looks brighter now and even my enlarged pores appear smaller too!

    JIA clinic-001
    The freckles gene runs strong in my family. I encouraged my sister to zap them away, and look at her result! She’s feeling so confident with her clean and bright face right now.

    Since CNY is just around the corner, it is now the best time to prepare your skin to be in optimum condition! Dr. Teh is very nice to offer my readers the following promotion:

    Quote ‘kampungboycitygal’ to be entitled for 40% of your first (any) laser treatment and RM 268 for first trial 2 in 1 facial (NP: RM 860). Will blog about the facial next, and you will see immediate result from the facial!

    JIA Clinic
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