Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar @ Bangsar, KL (new menu)

    It has been a while since our last visit to to Mercat Barcelona Gatrobar, one of our favourite Catalan tapas place in town. Its founders David Caral & Jorge Fernandez have put in a lot of thoughts and efforts in the restaurant. For example, they strive to improvise their menu, by introducing new items while retaining some of the old favourites.

    We were here on a Wednesday night, and restaurant is filled with a diverse group of crowd. The authenticity of the food not only appeals to the Spanish community in KL, but even the locals caught wind of it and frequent here too!
    We started our night with some cava and gin & tonic. Speaking of gin & tonic, Mercat Barcelona offers multiple versions of this famous drinks with a myriad of ingredients such as orange peel, lemon peel, mango slices, chilli and etc.

    Boquerones En Vinagre (RM 22)

    Boquerones fish is actually fresh anchovies fillet marinated in a mixture of vinegar and olive oil, and seasoned with garlic and parsley. It reminds us of Dutch’s raw herring, and both version taste as good! The fillets were covered with a good layer of olive oil, making it really smooth and creamy. So good when eaten together with the sweet red pepper.
    Pork Sliders (RM 22)

    The pork slider with Manchego Cheese, red pepper, roast onion and brioche buns is another crowd pleaser here. The patty was so juicy and tender that it was dripping with juices as I bite onto it. Great combination with the midly sweet red pepper and roast onion too!
    This is a parfait of potato slices at the bottom, layered with morcilla sausages with apple sauce, aioli and edamame beans on top. Morcilla is actually Spanish blood sausage that uses pork blood and fat. However, if you eat the dish without knowing what it is, I can guarantee you an explosion of flavours and textures.
    Pollo Al Ajillo (RM 24)

    Don’t be put off by the sheer quantity of garlic in this traditional Catalan garlic and white wine chicken recipe. The slow braising really mellows it out, giving it an almost roasted flavour.
    Great news for those who always scrap up that magical crispy, crusty rice left at the bottom of a pot of paella rice! Mercat’s rendition of Crispy Paella can totally satisfy your craving for that. Served in a form where you get a full layer of the full of flavour crispy bit, there’s no more fighting to get the last scraps off the pan!
    For desserts, we tried with Catalonian Cream Form (RM 23). The foam was so light and fluffy, totally opposite to the dense and rich Catalan Cream.
    The Watermelon infused with Sangria (RM 23) was so refreshing that makes it a perfect ending to our meal. The watermelon cube was chilled to perfection and I really love the subtle flavour of wines, fruits and lemon peel.

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    Mercat Barcelona
    Address: 51 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
    Hours: Mon-Fri, 4pm-12am, Sat-Sun, 12pm-12am.
    Tel: 03-2201-5288

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