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    Recently we have been making a lot of road trips to Ipoh, to Klang, to Port Dickson and to Penang. Well times are tough now, we are trying to cut back on out travel expenses without sacrificing too much of our leisure time. So road trip is a really good alternative.
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    Road trip requires a vehicle of some sort. For us, it’s none other than our trusty little Myvi. We always make sure that we service the car on time, and use engine oil with good quality. We use Shell Helix Ultra because our mechanics highly recommended it and the products have been around for quite sometime, well known for its PurePlus technology, resulting in clean and pure base oil.
    Most importantly, it comes with A FREE engine warranty!

    During this difficult time, Shell Helix understands car owners and is giving back by introducing S.H.E.W.

    What is SHEW? It is Malaysia’s first and only motor oil that gives a FREE engine warranty that is available for FREE with every purchase of a 4L pack of Shell Helix Ultra or HX 7. This shows Shell’s confidence in Shell Helix Ultra’s long-lasting engine performance.

    It is available to passenger cars that are registered to operate within Malaysia with less than 100,000 km and are less than 8 years old. From the date you enrol, SHEW covers any lubricant-related failure up until 12 years or 200,000 km from year of manufacture

    Under this programme, SHEW covers the costs of repair/replacement of 15 engine components that may fail if the Shell Helix products fail to provide proper lubrication. Payment of valid claims will be up to a maximum of RM15,000 (for Shell Helix Ultra users) and RM8,000 (for Shell Helix HX7 users)

    The SHEW warranty is valid and tied to the vehicle provided that it is serviced every six months or less with an engine oil and oil filter change.

    On top of that, SHEW is transferable to the next owner of your vehicle and this could be a selling point in ensuring a higher resale value.

    Get a free pair of movie tickets you sign up or renew your S.H.E.W warranty at an authorized S.H.E.W workshop or Shell Petrol station nationwide between 1 Nov 2016 – 31 Jan 2017. For more details on this promotion, visit
    For us, road trip is all about taking your own time, enjoying the journey and spending quality time with friends or family members as you all experience new places, people, and things. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry much about engine failure issues because with SHEW, I’m protected.

    Watch this youtube video for a better understanding:

    For more information about Shell Helix Engine Warranty,




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