How to Cure Traveller’s Constipation

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    The holidays are a prime time for my traveller’s constipation. It could be the change in diet. Whenever we travel, we will make sure that we try as much local food as possible. The sudden change in diet resulted in bloated tummy, gas and constipation.

    Plus, I feel uneasy using bathrooms outside of my comfy home. The worst constipation happens whenever I have jet lag, because it seems like my bowel movement happens only during a certain time in the day.
    Sometimes, I force myself to drink gallons of water and really try to eat right but nothing works!

    I hate the bloated feeling and I always feel like I can’t eat anymore since there are so much residual in my body. Hence it is best to treat constipation early so I always bring along Dulcolax laxative with me. It provides effective yet gentle and predictable overnight relief from constipation by stimulating the natural movement of bowels.
    Normally I will take it before I sleep and the pills will work within 8-12 hours. I wake up with the urge to go and rush to the toilet. I have to say that it is such a smooth journey in the toilet the next morning.

    For those who think that laxative is cause cramping , Dulcolax’s “comfort coating” actually helps protect gastric/stomach lining by stimulating the natural bowel movement. It is also a myth that taking laxative will cause dependency or develop ‘tolerance’.

    If you’ve had a problem with constipation while traveling in the past, you may want to prepare ahead of time by bringing some Dulcolax in a travel medical kit.

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