3 Ways to Take A Fakecation Photo

    3 ways to take a fakecation photo

    The #fakecation hashtag is a new travel related trend in social media. Do not take it seriously because it is meant to be a playful response for those who are stuck at home, while their friends invaded their feed with countless real vacation photos.

    Here’s three ways to irrirate your friend/entertain yourself at the comfort of your own home.

    Download a photo of a vacation spot up on your T.V. and then take a picture with the T.V. screen.

    Compose an annoying caption like “wish you are here”, “I just had the best croissant in Paris” and etc.
    Bonjour, Paree!

    Google image “best beach in the world” and recreate those hot dog legs with bend fingers.
    Hello, I’m in a tropical paradise!!

    If you stay in a condo with swimming pool, wait no more! Head down to take some fakecationing photos!

    Here’s a I-am-thinking-about-my-life-while-listening-to-the-ocean (pool)-wave photo.
    You might risk being photo bombed by your friendly neighbours though!

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