My First Svenson Hair Care Treatment

    I have a confession to make. I realize that my hair is thinning out, so naturally, I’m incredibly self-conscious about it so I would avoid taking photo with a “bad” angle like this.
    Genetically, I have very fine hair so I hate to tie my hair up in case someone sees my exposed scalp with very little hair.
    Although balding generally affects males more, I do know a lot of women who are hair loss sufferers too. So when Svenson invited me for a private consultation with Deborah Whelan, a renowned trichologist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I knew it was time to seek help.

    With almost 60 years of trichological experience, Svenson is globally renowned as the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, providing effective and innovative hair loss solutions, using the most advanced technologies. In addition, they are able to customize programmes according to different hair and scalp conditions. As I know of people who are undergoing treatment in Svenson and have positive feedback on the treatment, I am quite confident that Svenson is able to help me with my hair problems.

    Deborah examined my hair and scalp condition, and asked me a few questions to understand my lifestyle and condition. She noticed that I have very little newly grown hair and my scalp is not very healthy because of the few bumps and red spots. The likely cause of my condition could be due to anaemia and stress.

    After the thorough assessment, Deborah also shared with me tips on the correct way to wash my hair: avoiding scalding hot water, lathering up the shampoo and making sure not to scratch my scalp with fingernails. In terms of diet, I need to consume more protein and omega 3.

    I have quite a rigorous beauty routine on my face, however I found myself guilty for not taking good care of my scalp. Healthy hair begins from healthy scalp. I guess it is time to invest some time and money on my scalp from now onwards.

    I started my first treatment at Svenson Hair Care in Menara Hap Seng. The nice lady attending to me first shampooed my hair twice.
    After that, my hair is being blow-dried with a very gentle heat setting.
    My therapist then used a high frequency infra-red device to kill bacteria and reduce itchiness on my scalp. It also stimulates cell renewal and improves the penetration of hair care products.
    A corrective serum was applied to my scalp and the roots of my hair. The corrective serum helped to soothe my irritated scalp while normalizing the PH value of my scalp; and at the same time, it also helps in controlling dandruff with its anti-bacteria formula. The serum also alleviates oiliness and sebum secretion.
    I really enjoyed the massage and it helps with the serum’s absorption. It was so comfortable that I nearly fell asleep.
    The final step was the Vitex-17 treatment using this futuristic looking equipment that aids with the absorption of the serum.
    My therapist was very nice to give me a good blow-dry as I told her that was going back to work. Felt like a million dollar with my fluffy, bouncy hair and non-oily scalp!
    Tada! The scan result showed that my scalp is so much cleaner and clearer after the treatment.
    Thank you Svenson Malaysia for my virgin professional hair and scalp treatment experience. My scalp feels cleaner with no visible signs of dandruff. While the redness and small bumps are still visible, I was told that there’s nothing that a few more sessions of treatment can’t fix.

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