My Feelings Coffee by LewisGene @ Solaris Mont Kiara

    Being a regular at Sae Ma Eul @ Solaris Mont Kiara, we have walked past My Feelings Coffee by LewisGene numerous time, but never went in as we were usually too stuffed from having our korean meal.
    We have decided to visit this cafe one day, together with a group of friends. The cafe looks like a big living room, with a long coffee bar right smack in the middle. Menus are written on a chalkboard wall and the owner/barista is always standing behind the bar, concentrating on his art of coffee making.
    Shangri-La (RM 23.90)

    A special concoction of ice drip coffee made of a special blend, evaporated milk and small ice coffee cube. It’s a must try here!
    Toraja Moka Pot (RM 18.90)

    Lewis Gene uses mainly beans from Toraja, South Sulawesi. The coffee has a full body with  a very smooth finish.
    The owner is deep in concentration as he prepares our order.
    Cafe Mocha (RM 14.90)

    It was stunningly beautiful with hints of delicious flavours.
    Suddenly Magic Drip Coffee (RM 22.90)

    C0ffee with sticky, gooey gula melaka and sugar coated coconut strips? This combination works really well!
    Gula Melaka is adding a nicely “burnt” aroma as well as rendering a richer taste to the coffee. It was a pleasant surprise to bite into something crisp with a nice coconut-y taste as I gulped down the coffee too.

    Ice Drip Coffee with Toraja Beans

    The beauty about having coffee here is we get to try different brewing methods that create different quality cups of coffee.
    French Toast Platter (RM 19.90)

    I kind of like the french toast in Lewis Gene. They do not use a brioche, challah or a pullman loaf; but fresh bread supplied by a roti-uncle in Pudu. The texture was spongy with a creamy interior, perfect when eaten with a thick slab of butter and maple syrup.
    Myer’s Marie Sandwich (RM 18.90)

    A fulfilling sandwich with layers of eggs, ham, mash potatoes, greens and toasted bread. Pretty decent for the price.

    Mash Potato Salad (RM 19.90)

    I love the creamy, velvety and smooth potato salad. It was my first time tossing it together with plenty of greens and it tasted so good and healthy!
    Surprisingly, the pizzas in the cafe were really good! The thin, pizza slices come out crisp but pliable, paved with a layer of mozzarella and a myriad of other ingredients. For Honolulu Chicken Pizza (RM 28.90), the chef uses a chinese sauce for fish steaming – it was spicy and delicious. The Scallop and Seafood Pizza (RM 34.90) was something different too!
    The Belgium Waffles with Boysenberry Ice Cream (RM 19.90) was decent but nothing to shout about.
    Angelina New York Cheesecake with Strawberry Jam, Blackberry Cheesecake, Chill Oreo Cheesecake (RM 13.90 to RM 15.90)

    Cheesecake is a specialty here, as everything was home made by the owner’s wife. Her signature New York Cheesecake with home made strawberry jam was really, really good. Rich, creamy, smooth, and indulgent; it is pure decadence.

    LewisGene is not like your average cafe – there’s no hipster-wannabe deco, no pretty cafe food with “OK” taste and most importantly, no lacklustre coffee is served here. Come here for good coffee and honest food instead.

    My Feelings Coffee by LewisGene
    Address: 15, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur 50480
    Phone: 03 62064438
    Hours: 9am to 12midnight daily

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