Japan’s Travel Guide All in One Book

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    This year alone, I went to Japan twice, once to Kyoto & Osaka, and another time to Hokkaido. I loved Japan when I visited. It is one of my favorite countries. The food, the people, the architecture, the culture — it was bliss.
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    Hence, I am urging you to discover all the wonders that Japan has got to offer. Language barrier is a big issue? Nah, you can always rely on a good travel guide book such as the Rurubu OMOTENASHI Travel Guides!

    Rurubu OMOTENASHI Travel Guides have all the info you need to plan the perfect trip and get the most out of your ideal Japan vacation! This series of guidebook includes 5 very popular Japanese destinations – Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Kyoto and Okinawa. The books feature everything from must-try restaurants to the most scenic walking routes, with detailed maps and direction information available.

    The Rurubu OMOTENASHI Travel Guides is a top-selling and highly trusted travel guide series in Japan, it also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running continuously published series of travel guides in the world.
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    Each book in the Rurubu OMOTENASHI Travel Guide series contains discount vouchers, travel tips, detailed up-to-date maps and public transportation information, and even recommends snacks and souvenirs to bring home! Every page is printed in full colour, and comes with handy pull-out sections that allow you to travel light!

    Each book also comes with EXCLUSIVE access to more than 300 pages of eBOOK content via the free OMOTENASHI Travel Guide app for iOS and Android!
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    How I wish that I had the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide when I was in Hokkaido.
    I flipped through the book and there were loads of information inside. I love the colourful pages and how the graphics and photos were arranged in a very nice manner.

    Look for the Rurubu OMOTENASHI Travel Guide series at Popular & Harris, Kinokuniya, Times, Borders and MPH Bookstores! It is also available for sale in www.gempakstarz.com
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    The selling price of Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide is RM49.50 in West Malaysia & RM50.50 in East Malaysia.

    We are giving away 5 Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Book – 1 for Tokyo, 1 for Hokkaido, 1 for Kyushu, 1 for Kyoto and 1 for Okinawa! Just leave a comment together with your email address and tell us why do you need the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide book.


    • Hi,

      It would be great to get the Kyoto guide, as I’m taking my family to Osaka and Kyoto this November! ( and getting tips on where to go from your blog! Haha). Email : [email protected]

    • Hello there. I will be travelling to Tokyo in November this year and I am on a quest to please my queen. It has been our dream to travel to Japan and we have been saving up for a long time. Since you have endorsed this travel guide, I believe that it will certainly help in my preparation to make it a very memorable trip for me and my partner. Thanks! My email is [email protected]

    • Staci KY Tan says:

      I need the Hokkaido travel guide because my sister is traveling there for the first time next month! In fact, it’s her first time to Japan so it’d definitely come in very handy ^^ Thanks for your sharing!

      Email address: [email protected]

    • email address:[email protected]
      I need the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide book on Hokkaido because of my upcoming winter trip to the winterland of Japan. I hope with the guide book and your blogposts can help me plan out a perfect holiday!!

    • Chin Mei says:

      I need a Rububu Omotenashi Travel Guide Book to Tokyo because I want to plan my dream trip to Tokyo including travel with details and where to stay. The guide book will serve as a compilation of list of attraction places in Tokyo and it will provide me and my travel companions a utmost travel experiences. The colourful travel guide book is so handy and convenient to bring around to various places, include for sightseeing, adventure, shopping and eating pleasures. My email address: [email protected] com

    • Email address : [email protected]

      The reason I need Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide book is to help me plan my first family trip to Japan with my hubby and my 16 months old boy.

    • When I saw your review on the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Books, it immediately caught my attention! My husband and I love Japan and we often travel there with my younger brother. We love the people, the otaku culture, the cities, onsen, even their convenience stores, and of course the FOOD! We’re not the type to concentrate on the much hyped tourist attractions but instead gravitate more towards the ‘off the beaten path’ destinations. As such, I would really love one of those travel books to further explore what Japan has to offer! (Any book apart from the Hokkaido one would be great: I’d love to know more about the other regions of Japan). Thank you.

      Btw my email address is [email protected]

    • Cynthia Yap says:

      Hi! Not well in expressing via comment but gonna give it a try.
      Believe it or not, I always visit this blog since 2012 for travel tips and it helps me through my travel!
      Taiwan, Korea, Japan or even good food in Malaysia itself.
      Now that I’m going to Japan again but with different people this coming September, I’m here again for tips and saw this post! 😀
      In order to ease my planning and enjoy more discounts,
      I wish to get the awesome travel guide book of Tokyo from you guys even thou I knew I can get it from the bookstores.
      Who doesn’t like freebies, right?

      [email protected]

    • Suquan Kon says:

      Hi, i need a Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide book for Hokkaido because i will be going to Hokkaido with my sister in December! so excited, will be driving for this trip. having this guide book will be awesome as most of the attraction places i believe there’s phone number for me to key into the car GPS! and its a quick and useful guidebook for me to know where to go. definitely need one of this >< my email at [email protected]

    • Ben Bk says:

      Hi, would be great to get the Kyushu booklet as I’m going to Fukuoka soon and would like to know all the places I should cover in Kyushu! My email is [email protected]

    • Hi! I would love love love to have a Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide book for Tokyo or Kyoto as I am planning a self-drive trip to Shirakawa-go in autumn with my family either via Tokyo-Romantic Route-Alpine Route or via Osaka/Kyoto. Alternatively I would be happy to receive the guide book for Hokkaido too because I have yet to cover the eastern side of Hokkaido and would love to do it real soon too! I referred to your detailed blog for my first trip to Hokkaido and it helped me so much especially with regards to trying out a wide variety of food (because good food is my top priority when we travel!) and naturally falling in love with Japan thereafter … not forgetting every piece of info found on your very first trip to Seoul which resulted in us having one of the best holidays that we could plan on our own too – just never thought we would be able to do it on our own and you made it seem so easy – we tracked down all the food places that you recommended us! Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to read up on your new travel adventures! Keep travelling!

    • Hello… my name is Amanda. I would really love to get the Rurubu Omotenashi travel guide book for Tokyo because me n my hubby will go to Tokyo in November for 9 days! To be frank, we prefer to travel by ourself rather than using tour guide so that we could travel on our own pace and also because we have our own budget. So to make sure we have a pleasant trip we always do some research on mr.google. And your blog is always become one of our top reference. You give the travel tips, budget, interesting places n foods! Too bad u dont have any blog about tokyo but since you recommend a good guidebook, i try my luck n see if i can get 1 🙂
      Nothing beats good research beforehand & a good guidebook can be very useful – containing information, maps & tips in one place. I hope i can get this guide book from u guys… thank u for ur time. Thank u thank u so much. Arigatou.. email address: [email protected]
      Looking forward hearing from u soon XD

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