Cellulite be GONE!

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    If you can recall from my previous post, I have been visiting Marie France Bodyline regularly to target my cellulite problem around my thigh area. The best thing about undergoing slimming treatment in Marie France Bodyline is that every customer gets his or her own customised treatment programme according to their body type, lifestyle, main concern and preferences.
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    My main concern is definitely my stuborn cellulite so I have tried a few treatments that is well known in breaking down stubborn fat and cellulite deposits.
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    One of my favourite treatments is the LipoSonic Therapy (LST). It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that targets at subcutaneous adipose tissues and cellulite deposits.

    How does it work? MF LipoSonic Therapy uses low frequency wavelength of 40 kHz. This low frequency will lead to a process called “LipoSonic” effect.

    -LipoSonic effect occurs when a liquid is subjected to intense sound or ultrasound (frequencies of 20 kHz to 10 MHz).
    -When the sound passes through the liquid, it will cause the formation, growth & recompression of tiny micro- bubbles.
    -The bubbles implode or collapse in compression.
    -Creating high energy “Ultrasonic Waves”.
    -When this happens, the free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream.
    -FFA is then slowly transported to the liver where they will be metabolised.
    -FFA also eliminated through the urinary & lymphatic systems.
    -LipoSonic Waves are very focused & localised as only the adipose tissues are being targeted. No other tissues, blood vessels, nerves or organs are affected.

    My therapist always applies a layer of Active Silhouette Gel on my targeted area before the treatment. When she applies the gel on me, it feels like I am going for my annual ultrasound check up haha. The gel works as a micro massage stimulant that makes the fat burning action more effective.

    I love the warm tingling sensation. It feels tingling because the fat cells are being mobilized, which is a good thing! As the machine works around my targeted area, I can hear a high-pitched beeping sound.

    The higher the pitch means the machine is working on an area with more fat cells. Ops! I do get really loud pitch sometimes.
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    What happens when the stubborn fat cells break down? Those cells are flown into one’s bloodstream and is dispelled from the body either through urination or lymphatic system. Marie France Bodyline’s nutritionist often remind me to drink plenty of water, so that the waste can be eliminated faster. She also gives me plenty of good advise on my diet. I have been eating quite healthily, however I need to cut down on my caffeine dosage (2-3 cups of coffee a day) to see better result.

    I love the feel good factor after the Liposonic treatment, knowing that the fat-breaking activity continues to work for the next 3 days! My thigh area feels ‘tighter’ just after one session too!

    If you’re interested in getting yourself a session; head over to Marie France Bodyline’s website for more information and book yourself a session!

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