The Story of My First Car



















    After graduating from uni, I got myself a small car (with some help from fa-ma of course) upon landing a stable job. The choice is pretty straight forward – a car that can bring me to places, with low monthly payments and low fuel consumption.












    Can’t find a picture of my old car, but this looks similar –small and white in colour.

    We had 3 worry-free years with the car until one day; we heard some knocking and tapping sound on our car.

    Long stories cut short, it turned out that it is a sign of engine failure, according to our mechanic. I went flat broke after paying for the repair fee, and had to leech on KampungBoy for my 3 meals a day (true story).

    It is not something that I would want my parents to find out because according to the mechanic, it could be due to sludge built up or oil leak. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Sending your car for maintenance and checks regularly is a must especially for you who visit your hometown for Raya. It is also very important to use clean engine oil.

    I manage to sell the car, and got myself a second car because car is still a necessity in Malaysia, especially KL. Things were ok so far (touch wood), it is just that as an average Malaysian consumer, apart from having to pay higher prices for essentials and services, our monthly pay cheque also shrunk in value if we take into account currency exchange.













    As a result, sacrifices have to be made somewhere in the household. In our case, both KampungBoy and I are sharing this small car, to keep our monthly commitment fee and car maintenance fee to a minimum. We used to own a car each, but we sold off a car as our places are pretty close to home.

    Talking about engine failures and car maintenance headaches, how I wish that my manufacturer warranty is still valid.

    This reminds me of an engine oil launch that I have attended recently. Shell Helix, a leading passenger car motor oil brand in Malaysia is launching a groundbreaking product in Malaysia – a first-in-the-market FREE engine warranty called the Shell Helix Engine Warranty (SHEW).












    FREE? Did I hear the word FREE? So what is it all about?

    ANYONE is eligible to get a free engine warranty from Shell if you have bought Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7, your car is under 8 years old and it has done less than 100,000 kms.

    The registration process is easy! All you need to do is just to complete an oil change at any authorised S.H.E.W. workshop where the trained mechanics will be able to assist with registration. Customers who perform their own oil change can also contact the S.H.E.W. Customer Hotline or self-register online.
















    Thanks to Shell Helix Engine Warranty (SHEW), now we can all enjoy a peace of mind.

    You can also easily start a claim or ask for breakdowns assistance by calling Shell Helix Engine Warranty hotline 1800181855.

    For more information, please refer to

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