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    Do you know that the OpenRice app recently got a facelift? We are loving the new interface and new feature – where Restaurants, News, Meal Invitation and Travel all one in app. Not only we can search restaurants in just seconds, we can also get hold to the latest food and restaurant news!
    The travel feature is also especially useful for us, as we get to find the best food across Asia – Hong Kong, Taiwan and Bangkok, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. Imagine having access to restaurant information, coupons and article from different regions all under one app.

    Food plays a big part in our travel. We often rely on other traveler’s recommendations on where is the best place to eat. Furious research and googling is a norm comes lunch/dinner time, but the Open Rice app makes our lives a lot easier.

    For example, one is spoilt with F&B choices when in Dotonbori but how do we know where can we get the best ramen, the best sushi place or even the best yakiniku restaurant? Just select Japan -> Osaka as your location, then everything is a breeze from there onwards.

    When I click into the “ramen” tab, the app will list down all the best ramen places available in Osaka according to ranking.

    When I click into one of the ramen restaurants, there’s plenty of information available such as address, phone number, pricing, review and photos.

    One can also contribute photos and reviews for the said restaurant. Ichiran ramen tastes great, by the way!

    The map function is exceptionally useful too, as we use it to navigate our way to any restaurants, anytime.

    Back to home, we as a user are being rewarded with a lot of exciting offers such as discounts, free desserts and etc. Besides the restaurant name, district and other condition to filter, the cuisine categorisation is great too, as it narrows down our search criteria and search time. If I am craving for steamboat, I just need to click onto the steamboat tab.


    Users are also being rewarded with great offers such as buy 1 free 1, discounts, free desserts and etc. Remember to log on to OpenRice mobile app more often so that you don’t miss out on any deals! Who doesn’t like free stuff right?

    Meal gathering is also made easy with the “Invite” button in OpenRice app. It is so easy for me to send out invitation directly through emails, FB. Whatsapp and other social media platforms. Each invitation is auto generated, completed with information such as date, time and venue. The link will also redirect you to the Open Rice app where you are able to read some reviews or view some photos.

    Such an amazing food app that can do so much, spanning across so many countries in Asia!

    OpenRice mobile app can be downloaded FREE from App Store for iOS users and Google Playstore for Android users.

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