Roam Like Home!

    We are being surrounded by friends and families who love traveling. Basically we just need to scroll through our Facebook feed to see our friends going places, and posting glorious photos of architectures, gourmet food and beautiful sceneries.

    Yes, travel is an addiction for a lot of people, including us. Some of our travel essentials are credit card, camera, smart phone and of course DATA!

    Last weekend, I was in Singapore to attend my little sister’s graduation ceremony. I flew alone, without kampungboy’s company so I was a little lost when I landed to Changi Airport.

    My biggest dilemma was whether I should turn on my mobile data roaming. It would cost me a freaking RM 38 * 2 (for two days of usage), equivalent to my flight ticket price.
    KBCG-u mobile
    I chose to “tahan” and had a little misadventure before I arrived to my sister’s university.

    Finally I gave in and turn on my data roaming when it comes to dinner time. I had to bring my parents around (my sister is busy) so with unlimited data, I found out about this very popular seafood place call Dancing Crab at Orchard Central. I manage to make reservation online too, so we did not have to queue up before we got into the reservation. The queue was insane that night, phew…
    What about after dinner activities? It was a Wednesday, so there’s a ladies night promotion at Ce La Vi, Marina Bay Sands. I got to know that just by doing some goggling.
    Ladies skip cover charge and get a free drink on Wednesdays. I really enjoy my free gin and tonic while looking at the killer view overlooking the stunning Singapore skyline .

    Having unlimited data in a foreign country is really useful. But why does it have to be expensive?

    Here’s a simple breakdown on what U Mobile has to offer.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.01.38 PM.png

    The cheapest way of using your phone abroad depends on which network you’re with and where you’re going. For example, data roaming in Singapore can cost from NOTHING to RM 38 per day.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.46.32 PM.png
    Fortunately, gone were those days where we have to pay loads for overseas data roaming. If you are a U Mobile user, you will be able to keep your post-holiday bill to a minimum:

    All P70, i90, i130, UD95 and UD135 Postpaid Plan principal and member lines now get to roam with their own data quota for FREE in 12 overseas destinations such as Australia, HK, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea with U Mobile’s DATA BACKPACKTM.

    All Prepaid and Postpaid Plan subscribers apart from P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135 can enjoy Unlimited Data Roaming with
U DATA ROAM 10 for only RM10/day. You can also opt for U DATA ROAM 36 if you are travelling to another 15 overseas destinations in which I will explain in the next post.

    For more information, please refer to

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