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    Hi guys, we are back from Japan and feel totally revitalised!
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    I hope you guys enjoyed browsing through our social media newsfeed for the past few days.
    Gotta thank this little device here from Travel Recommends that we are able to keep spamming our happy travel photos. Overseas Wi-Fi rental is like the greatest invention ever!
    This pocket-sized device provided a convenient personal hotspot for us and our travel companions. It is really useful for those long train rides from one place to another.
    Apart from that, I relied on it a lot especially when I have to navigate around; checking on which subway line to take, which bus route to follow or how to walk from destination a to destination b.
    Since we were travelling in a big group, our itinerary is quite flexible. We often do last minute research on where to go next, and whether there are any interesting eating places near us. Raining? No problem! Let’s search for an indoor attraction instead? Need a break? Let’s google for a café nearby. I could not imagine what could have happened to our trip without the device.
    Some of us were COC (clash of titan) addict, so they were really grateful that we were able to enjoy UNLIMTED data throughout our stay in Japan.

    We were all very happy with the Travel Recommends overseas wi-fi rental device’s network speed and consistency. The coverage was also very wide, we only experienced a mild disruption when in Arashiyama because it is a mountainous area.
    The wi-fi rental device came in a little pouch, together with a power socket and wire. The power socket is suited according to Japan’s specification.

    How to use? It is pretty straightforward. Press the silver button to turn on/off. From our experience, the battery power could last us all day long. However, it is best to rent an additional power bank/bring your own if you are a heavy user.
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    I love the simple and no frills reservation process too!

    1. Remember to reserve online at least 5 working days before your departure.
    2. You will then reserve a reservation email with payment instructions.
    3. Make payment and inform Travel Recommends of your payment details. 4. Receive confirmation email.
    5. Self collection at KLIA or courier services is available.
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