KBCG New Crib: Curtains & Blinds

    Curtain is a mandatory accessory in our home. Apart from privacy reason and preventing direct sunlight and keeping home cool, it is also a reflection of our tastes and adds a soothing colour scheme to the room.
    We were really lucky to have Nafisa Consolidated as our curtain sponsor and we were really happy with their level of service.

    There are only 4 easy steps to complete the installation of our curtains and blinds:

    1. Visit Nafisa Consolidated’s showroom in Nilai. Choose at least 3 types of textiles that you like.

    No.231 & 232,
    Jln Nilai 3/11,
    71800 Nilai. N.S.D.K

    Office:+6 06 799 6666
    Telephone:+6 06 797 1542
    FAX:+6 06 799 6668
    E-mail:[email protected]

    2. If you like their textiles and styles, make an appointment for measurement.

    3. Nafisa’s staff will come to your place for measurement, together with the sample textile. You can judge better as the textiles will look slightly different under different sun light conditions.

    4. Installation guy will come over in 1-2 weeks time.

    Our first priority was a two layered curtains. One is thick and opaque and the other one is semi-transparent, sheer material. Nafisi Consolidated gave us so many options and choices.

    However, when Nafisa’s guy came to measure they told us that we can only do one black-out layer. This is because our original plaster ceiling (done by the developer) allows space for only one rod.
    Hence, we ended up with this beautiful dark grey textile with a bit of line textures.
    I like how the colour looks different under different lighting condition. Sometimes it looks a bit yam purple-ish, sometimes dark grey and some other times light grey.

    Living Hall:
    We are staying in a low floor unit so the view is quite hideous. I just can’t wait for those trees to grow up really fast.
    Fortunately, there’s nothing that can be fixed with a beautiful piece of curtain.

    A well-defined accent color palette can help your home feel cohesive. Ours is definitely white, grey and wood.

    Master Room:
    I love coming home to this calm and soothing scene. We love the blackout curtain so much! During weekends, we can sleep in until 11 am without realizing the time. Ops!

    Ugly view? What ugly view?

    We also install blinds in a few spaces inside our home. We chose a thick blind with light grey colour and love it to every bits.

    Wet Kitchen:


    Guest Room and Guest Room’s Toilet:


    Master Room Toilet:


    I love Nafisa Consolidated’s attention to details, such as this plastic piece behind the roller blind. When we roll it up or down, the blind will not hit the window and cause scratches.
    The roller blinds are good quality for the price, and were what I expected. The plastic pull cord feels solid and well-built too. The roller blinds are smooth and easy to open, close, and adjust. Installation process was quick and efficient, and the installers were very gentle. There were no holes or damages to our walls.

    We have recommended a few friends to Nafisa Consolidated and they all have only good things to say about them.

    Nafisa Consolidated
    No.231 & 232,
    Jln Nilai 3/11,
    71800 Nilai. N.S.D.K

    Office:+6 06 7996666
    Telephone:+6 06 7971542/+6 017 6812868 (He Jia)/+65 97533345 (He Jia)
    FAX:+6 06 799 6668
    E-mail:[email protected]
    Website: http://www.nafisa.com.my

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