Fresca Mexican Kitchen @ Avenue K, KL

    The world is riding a Mexican culinary wave with Mexican restaurants now the fastest growing type of eatery on the high street. It might take a while for Malaysians to tell fajitas and tacos from burritos but we will be making up for lost time soon, with a few great Mexican restaurants in town.

    One of them is Fresca Mexican Kitchen that is best known for its authentic Mexican fare. Traditionally, the best Mexican food is found on the streets, in the markets and in family celebrations. Fortunately for KL-ites, we get to enjoy the same great flavour in the comfort of a restaurant setting.
    We started off with tortilla chips paired with 3 types of dippings:

    Pico de Gallo – Classic Mexican Salsa with chunky fresh tomatoes, onions, corlander and a dash chili
    Chile con Queso – Melted Monterey Jack cheese with Jalapeno and bell peppers, enhanced in red wine

    A refreshing combination of sweetness and tanginess, this pico de gallo is perfect with tortilla chips. I like my guacamole a bit chunky as opposed to creamy and this version hit the spot! The chile con quest was thick, creamy, smooth, packed with flavour and dangerously addictive.
    Jalapeno Poppers

    Breadcrumb-coated Jalapeno Chiles stuffed in Monterey Jack cheese and minced beef, served with a sweet mango chipotle salsa.
    I loved the light and non greasy batter and how each bite reveals a juicy and flavourful centre. The jalapeño was spicy but acceptable for a Malaysian’s palate.
    Ensenada-style Fish Tacos

    Flour tortillas with beer battered fish and homemade coleslaw. This classic fish taco originates from Ensenada, Baja California
    Fish tacos are one of our favorite dishes to eat in Fresca Mexican Cuisine. It was light but flavourful, and the coleslaw gave the dish a nice crunch.
    Enchiladas Verdes

    Corn tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken covered in salsa verde and gratin-cheese finish
    This creamy chicken enchilada recipe is filled to the brim with fresh-made salsa verde and molten cheese, making it a spicy, savory and cheesy dish all in one.
    I love the drinks selection at Fresca too. What’s a Mexican meal without some margaritas right? I like how the sweet and salty margaritas get a refreshing, tropical twist with the addition of fresh pineapple juice here.
    These non-alcoholic drinks loose the booze, but not the flavours:

    Hibiscus – cranberry flavoured drink made with dried hibiscus flower
    Tamarindo – sweet and sour in taste, made from the tamarind juice
    Horchata – a delicious milky drink made with ground rice and cinnamon
    We stuffed ourselves with too many small bites and hence, leaving only minimal stomach space for something as substantial as the Fajitas.

    Found in traditional Mexican and popular in Tex-Mex cuisines, this dish needs no further introduction. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo and a special chipotle cream sauce. Choice of Chicken / Beef Tenderloin / Mixed
    We opted for a mixed platter. It was delicious and packed a punch of flavour.

    It was crunchy on the outside with a cinnamon sugar coating and soft and doughy on the inside. I love it with both the chocolate and cajeta dips. Cajeta is a popular churros-dipping goat’s milk caramel.

    Fresca @ Avenue-K
    G9 & G9A,Ground Floor,
    Avenue K,
    Jalan Ampang 50450
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    GPS: 3.159210, 101.713538
    Tel: 03-2201 2893

    Opening Hours
    Monday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm
    Friday – Saturday: 11am – Late
    Sunday: 11am – 11pm

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