2OX @ The Row, KL

    Rejoice fellow foodies! Finally a good decent French Bistro, with real and honest French cuisines. 2OX @ The Row, KL is a casual French Bistro manned by the same dream team behind Maison Francaise, our favourite French fine dining restaurant. So the quality assurance is there!
    2OX is an intimate, stylish spot that serves a menu of classic French dishes. It is located along the hip and stylish The Row, just next to Sheraton Imperial hotel.
    Inside, a large wine rack dominates one wall behind the bar.
    On another side of the restaurant, a few white marbled tables with wooden chair dominates the spacious room.
    We also love this huge mural depicting a typical wine & dine scene in France.
    We love the carefully curated international wine list that focuses on approachable, affordable wines to pair with the restaurant’s seasonal menu.
    Italian & Spanish Ham Platter – RM88

    The cold meat platter looked so inviting, and everything went well with the wines.
    Pâté de maman – provincial style pate – RM40

    2OX’s version of provincial style pate was exceptional, even better than those that we had in France. It was well seasoned with a strong peppery taste.
    Duck rillette served with pickled gherkins – RM38

    It was coarse-textured and deliciously old-fashioned.

    Seared Sea Bass with colourful saffron sauce – RM66

    I hardly order fish as mains in any restaurants, fearing that it is being overcooked. However, 2OX made the perfect sea bass with a crispy skin being served separately. The saffron sauce lifted the dish to a whole new level too!
    Les tripe with tomato and spicy herbs – RM58

    This was the star dish of the day! I love the tender and gelatinous texture, and the honeycomb texture helps the delicious tomato sauce to adhere to it. Remember to ask for Tabasco sauce, as it added some extra spicy kick to the dish. Don’t let Chef Thierry knows!
    Josper oven Grilled Pork Ribs – RM75

    2OX takes pride in their heavy investment in the Josper oven that does amazing grilling work. Of course, chef’s skills and techniques play an important part too. The pork was done just right, given that it is a very lean piece of meat. I would have prefer a fattier cut, just my own personal preference.
    Josper oven Grilled Squid with fresh lemon – RM59

    The grilled squid is another of my favourite dishes. This marinated squid was super delicious and tender. It was so fresh that all you need is just a squeeze of lemon juice to bring out its briny taste.
    Angus Steak with Pepper Sauce – RM108

    It was also very surprisingly that the angus steak turned out to be tender and moist, given that it is a very lean cut. Well done chef!
    7 hours low temperature Cooked Beef Oyster Blade – RM88

    I love the fork tender end result and the strong beef-y taste. Awesome!
    Chef’s mum’s Hearty coq au vin – RM55

    It is not a French Bistro if you can’t find coq au vin in the menu. he chicken, the garlic, the bottle of wine, the long, slow cooking time – the combination was perfect. I could not resist mopping up the juices with bread.
    2ox blog
    Classic Creme Brulee – RM15, Bourguignon Pear & Vanilla Ice Cream – RM20, Lemon Tart Meringue en verrine – RM15, Homemade ice cream and sorbet – RM15, Dark Chocolate Mousse – RM15.

    We could not decide what to have for desserts, so we ordered all. I’m not being biased when I said that everything was delicious, and I really mean it.
    Chef Thierry came out to play. He is such a fun and generous man; by sharing with us almost all of his recipes and “trade secrets”.
    Happy Birthday to our blogger friends Chris too! Now everyone knows your age ops!
    We had such an amazing night of food and wine at 2OX. Great affordable wine, beautiful honest french food, great service – what’s not to love?

    The Row
    56G, Jalan Doraisamy
    WP Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 2692 2233
    Check our their Website & Facebook Page for more upcoming events and promotions:
    Website: www.2ox.com.my
    Facebook Page

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