Twas the season to be jolly

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    Last year this time, we let loose and indulge in many unparalleled Christmas feast.
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    We thought if we’re going to put on a little holiday weight, don’t waste those pounds on average food. Hence, we feasted and feasted and ended up feeling very bloated.
    This year, we got smarter by loading our fridge with bottles after bottles of Nestle Bliss Apple Banana yogurt drink. It is loaded with live cultures to aid digestion by encouraging the growth of good bacteria in the gut and can help us with our bloating problem after feasting.
    The yogurt drink is using real fruit juice with no artificial colouring, making this a very healthy and natural choice. Healthy stuff usually tastes awful, but the yogurt drinks is really delicious with a smooth and creamy texture. It tastes very banana-ish with a light hint of apple aroma. The Nestle Bliss Apple Banana yogurt drink has considerable health benefits, and are beneficial to the digestive system as well. It also works really well in helping banish the belly. So I can say yay to a flat tummy without feeling bloated.
    This festive season, Nestle Bliss Apple Banana is a good option to give out as gift. The packaging is very festive looking. It is also a very sweet and thoughtful gift as it is now the season of indulging. I will be very happy to receive these cheerful looking bottles too! Good things are meant to be shared right?

    Apple Banana Flavour is now available for grab Nationwide for a limited time! Remember to get yours soon!

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