#kbcgnewcrib – Solid Wood Furnitures

    When looking at furniture for our new home, we kept thinking whether to purchase solid wood furniture and whether the extra cost of solid wood is worth it.

    We ended up with three piece of custom made solid wood furniture – a dining table, a study table and a dressing table. Why solid wood then?

    1) A custom, handmade piece that will last a lifetime. In fact, the highest probability is we will pass it down to the next generations. W

    2) Solid wood furniture is incredibly durable. It can withstand the wear and tear that comes from daily use and often requires minimal maintenance.

    3) Nothing beats the warmth and style options of beautiful wood furniture.

    4) Eeach piece is unique in terms of colour, natural marks and grain patterns and workmanship. It is also classic and will never go out of style.

    5) Reasonable pricing for the solid quality and build.

    Everyone who comes to our house told us that they love our dry kitchen area. The full white area accentuates our oak wood dining table really well.
    The table is 7 x 3 feet and can fit 3 to 4 person on each side. If we have more guests, we can just pull the table out and place two more seats on each side of the table. It is a very practical size, as it can sit up to 10 pax.
    The warm toned finish of our dining table goes really well with our clean and sophisticated looking white kitchen. Now the room looks soothing, soft, and elegant.
    What’s lovely about solid wood furnitures is that they look even better when aged with a bit of wear and tear. So don’t worry about covering with a cloth or a piece of plastic.
    It is also very easy to take care for solid wood furnitures. We just need to oil it once or twice a year. There’s also nothing that sand paper can’t fix (scratches or stain).
    Our wood furnitures come from Total Wood. They have their own kiln-dry factory and warehouse in Kampung Jawa. They sourced for solid wood locally and also imports. The raw wood pieces will be kiln-dry first, according to the humidity level in Malaysia. The wood is more seasoned and much more stable than air-dried wood.

    Furniture made with solid wood can be sanded, stained, varnished, treated and painted. So we never worry about scratches, heat or even water mark.
    As a blogger, we also need a sturdy work desk/study table.

    As you all know, woman is very good in multitasking. I love to do my work while watching TV, so we park our work desk behind our coach.

    The measurement is 5 X 1 feet, and with the same kind of steel leg as our dining table. Steel leg gives our solid wood furniture a modern and chic feel.

    It is oak wood again, a very popular wood for furniture and gives our room a warm feeling. I love the smooth finish too – I have been caressing the table all the time (consciously and unconsciously)
    And now MY dressing table finally! Halfway through renovating, we realised that we do not have space for a proper dressing table!
    So our solid wood dining table is being attached to our IKEA PAX wardrobe. It is a L shape piece that fits into our cabinet perfectly. I can always push the table in and out according to my likings.
    I requested for it to be of bar top height, so that it would look more glam when I’m taking photos.
    We are very happy with the quality of our solid wood furniture, and the level of service that Patrick, the owner provides. You can contact him at 0128281838 or at their FB page here.


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