An Evening of Fine Chinese Cuisine with Winemaker Pascal Jolivet @ Tao, Intercontinental KL

    The French once said, “In wine, one beholds the heart of another.” When it comes to wines, nobody does it better than the French.
    We had a night of exquisite Chinese gourmet and fine wine, thanks to Albert Wines & Spirits who brought to us Pascal Jolivet at the award winning Tao Chinese Cuisine. I have heard so much about executive Chinese chef Wong Lian You and I have to say that we were impressed.

    Pascal Jolivet is one of the youngest and dynamic wine estate in Loire Valley. However, the quality of wine from the estate proves that age does not matter.
    Canepes, paired with Pascal Jolivet Attitude Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

    Chilled Cherry Tomato, Kwai Far Sour Plum Dressing
    Marinated Jellyish Smoked Duck Roll, Mint Sauce
    Deep-fried Homemade Bean Curd Skin Prawn Date, Lemon Sauce Chicken Lotus Root, Crushed Black Pepper, Chef Wong’s Brown Glaze

    We started the night with some beautiful East meets West canapés before we adjourned to our tables.
    We absolutely adored the spectacular cloud-like inspired ceiling that give an impression of dining under the stars.
    Even the table setting looked so elegant and beautiful.




    First Course, paired with Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc, 2010

    Chilled Octopus, Granny Smith White Wine Jelly
    Deep-fried Oyster, Coriander, Red Chili, Mango Salsa
    Steamed Caviar Bird’s Nest, Crabmeat Gravy Dumplings, Superior Stock

    The floral and elegant note paired well with our luxurious starters.
    Second Course, paired with Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc ‘Clos Du Roy’, 2014

    Braised Australian Five Head Abalone, Morel Mushroom Dumplings, Baby Pak Choi, Edamame Beans

    The abalone was braised to perfection, it tasted so delicate that I savour each and every mouthful carefully.
    Third Course, paired with Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Rouge, 2010

    Aromatic Peking Duck Rolls, Foei Gras, Korean Pear, Red Wine Jelly with Pancake, Baked Garlic “Man Tao”

    Pascal Jolivet once said, “I make natural wines that are easy to drink, not ‘technical wines’ that are heavy and don’t go with food”. It is somehow true, because neither the food nor the wine overpowered each other. I love how the traditional peking duck roll is given a refreshing twist with pear and red wine jelly. On the other hand, the baked garlic man tao was really delicious!
    Main Course, paired with Pascal Jolivet Sauvage Sancerre Rouge Grandes Cuvees, 2011

    Spiced Lamb Rack, Chinese Herb Sauce, Mixed Wild Rice, Sautéed Vegetables

    Rubbed with a complex spiced mixture, the lamb rack was so tender and so tasty with an explosion of flavours. The mixed wild rice reminded us of stir-fried glutinous rice, a long standing classic dim sum in Chinese restaurants.
    Red Date Mousse, Pinot Noir Infused Strawberry, Honey Wolfberry Dressing

    I loved this light and refreshing sweet ending to our lavish meal.
    And we washed it all down with Tao Black Tea…

    Tao @ Intercontinental KL
    165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: 03-27826000, 03-27826398

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