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    As an avid traveler, our parents are constantly worrying about us. On average we travel 6 times per year (this year itself we have 11 trips planned), and every time when we are away, we will be away from home for days. Adventures and risk-taking sports such as kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, snorkeling is a common occurrence.
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    Travel should be fun and relaxing. Why worry too much? However, we feel that we need to be responsible to our family members. What if something happens? What if one of us becomes sick? Our bags are lost or stolen? Or we need to cancel a trip due to an emergency?

    Who pays for it?
    I can still remember one unfortunate incident from our Nagoya trip. We were stranded at the Chubu Airport due to typhoon. No one knows when is the next flight out, as it pretty much depends on the weather. We were not insured, so we have to spend our night at the airport corridor. Somehow, I hope that we can get some travel assistance or help.

    We have also heard many horror stories from our friends who got their wallets stolen when they travel to Europe. The probability is almost 50%! We were lucky that we managed to avoid being the victims of pickpockets. However, it is always better to be insured than to regret.

    The process of planning a trip – though it comes rather naturally to me now – does take a bit of a time. From researching the place, booking flights, plan my itinerary, booking hotels and restaurant right up to purchasing insurance; all steps are essential. Each of these steps is to be treated with utmost care especially when we purchase travel insurance, because to us, at the end of the day safety is our main concern after listening to all the stories shared by our friends.
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    We live in a digital world now, so buying travel insurance from the many conventional ways is so yesterday. With Tune TrIP travel insurance plan, everything can be done online easily! The travel insurance plan covers lost baggage, personal accident or travel assistance benefits. Claims can be done online as well.
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    Tune TrIP is one of the most affordable options that I have come across online. For around RM 6 a day under the APAC plan that covers up to 5 days, I am protected from many unfortunate incidents that could happen before, during or after the trip. The purchase process is so simple and quick! It is great to know that I will be insured for my Hong Kong trip next week. The best thing is I got it done within 5 minutes!

    Tune Protect also offers wide varieties of affordable and reliable insurance policies such as Tune Drive Care (protection on passengers), Tune EZ Term (death, total and permanent disability) and Tune Guard (protection against snatch theft and robberies).

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