KBCG New Crib: Wet Kitchen

    KBCG New Crib: Wet Kitchen
    If our dry kitchen is the effortless, glamorous looking big sister; then our wet kitchen is an underrated sibling who work very hard behind the scene.
    Welcome to our wet kitchen, where most of the dirty jobs such as Chinese dai chow, deep frying, sautéing, dish washing and etc take place. We bought our beautiful subway tiles from Kimgres. If you are a regular at Pinterest for home reno ideas, you should know that subway tiles is all the rage right now. The pricing is pretty reasonable too. Drop by Kimgres showroom to browse through their extensive selections of tiles now. Their sales assistants are very helpful and friendly too.

    Kimgres Showroom
    Kimgres Marketing Sdn Bhd
    Lot 5, Jalan Kilang/ Jalan 217
    46050 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, Malaysia
    Tel: +(603) 7783 9811
    Fax: +(603) 7783 9511
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.kimgres.com
    Our wet kitchen area does not get a lot of sun light, plus the dark grey tiles (original from developer) make the area looks really dull and dark. We chose to use the same Ringhult white high-gloss cabinet to create a bright and airy space.
    Our wet kitchen area is a very narrow (1.5m wide and 3.0m length in total!) space, so to make the most out of this space, we are building up. The METOD wall cabinets provide additional storage space without creating a cramp and busy sight.
    The best investment in our wet kitchen is probably the OMLOPP LED worktop lighting in aluminum colour. Not only it is functional in providing lighting for kitchen tasks such as dish washing and food prep, it also adds atmosphere to the overall kitchen design.
    The dish washer in our home (kampungboy la, who else) specially requested for the BEHOLMEN single bowl sink. Our space could not fit a double bowl, but if we make do with a single bowl it has to be deep and wide enough. So far he is (still) happily doing his dishes.
    Well, occasionally I will help out too!
    Once all the cabinets are filled, where to next? Make use of the walls! We use the BYGEL series of hooks and shelves to hang our cooking utensils and to place our bottles of spices.
    The EKBACKEN worktop goes very well with the overall theme too! I love its light wood colour. Laminate worktops are very durable and easy to maintain. With a little care, they stay like new for many years.
    I really enjoy doing my cooking here. We bought our Whirlpool brand hood and hob from a warehouse sales, no complains so far. We also installed a mini DEKA fan inside the wet kitchen for better ventilation.
    The UTRUSTA pull out interior fittings is perfect to store my condiments for Asian cookings such as fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce and etc.
    It was very easy and handy for me to add in seasonings while cooking.

    For more photos from our dry kitchen, click here.


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