A Christmas Themed Housewarming Party at #kbcgnewcrib


    Just few weeks ago, we hosted our fellow food blogger friends and BFFs at our new place. Since we are not too far off from Christmas, we have decided to throw a Christmas themed party.


    We started on our little ginger bread house project earlier. Kampungboy bought me the IKEA Gingerbread House kit (RM 9.90) and we had a lot of fun assembling the house according to packet instruction.


    To build a house, we needed some “cement” and in this case, icing. Just beat 250g of icing sugar with some lemon juice and egg white (according to packet instruction) and you have the perfect icing. We used the icing to glue the pieces together, and mixed in some coloring to decorate the ginger bread house.

    It smells intoxicatingly good! I love that sweet and spicy smell that reminds us of Christmas is coming!

    Since we have no space for Christmas tree, KampungBoy came up with a brilliant idea! He uses the LED lighting chain (can be bought from IKEA or anywhre else) to make a no tree Christmas tree. Decorate it with VINTER 2015 Decoration bauble, set of 50 (RM44.90) and STRÅLA LED table decoration, set of 3, battery-operated (RM19.90).


    Our table setting is minimalist, but going well with the colour theme of white and silver. The VINTER 2015 Table-runner, star, patterned (RM19.90) took the centre stage.


    We bought almost all our dinnerware and glassware from IKEA. Our table was filled with REKO glass (RM 3.50, 6 pieces), SVALKA red wine glass (RM 3.50) and IKEA 365+ plate for 10 pax. I also like how the VINTER 2015 table napkin (RM 6.90, 30 pieces) added some Christmas atmosphere to the table setting.

    I made roasted pork loin with apple sauce, brussels sprouts, apple salad and lemon rice for 10 pax.


    I’m glad that our guests love our food! 

    Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.07.21 PM.png

    I also made some failed Strawberry Santa as dessert. They are suppose to look really cute one, but my icing sugar melted few seconds after I took them out from fridge. My friends were calling this the Strawberry Zombie/Strawberry Casper haha!


    Luckily there’s nothing that a cheese platter or Royce Chocolate can’t fix.

    I wanted to make some Christmas sugar cookies for all my friends. It was my first attempt and I have some very important tools such as the MAGASIN Rolling pin (RM12.90) & IKEA pastry cutter.



    Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.06.50 PM.png

    Another failed attempt but to my defense, they tasted great! I just have no lucks when it comes to desserts.

    Merry Christmas in advance to our dear readers 🙂 For more Christmas offering from IKEA. click here.

    Thank you Strongbow Malaysia for the very thoughtful housewarming gift – a hamper of Strongbow Elderflowers and everyone loves it.


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