Purple Cane’s Tea Mooncake

    I have to admit that I’m never a fan of mooncake, simply because it is often too sweet or too oily or both.

    What if it is a tea mooncake?

    Purple Cane introduced its first tea mooncake in 1998. For tea to be a part of the festival delight, tea leaves have got to be grinded. In fine powder form, the tea leaves are mixed with other ingredients to form the pastry crust. It is a perfect complement to delicious fillings wuch as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts. The mooncakes win the hearts of even the most health-conscious, given that the mooncakes are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. It is a refreshing treat for a festival widely celebrated.
    So when Purple Cane invited me to their mooncake tasting event, I was a bit skeptical at first. However, I thought why not? Since we love their simple, light tasting food so much; their mooncakes must be along that “healthy” line right?

    Prices are really reasonable too, the mooncakes are priced from RM 8.05 to RM 11.45. The beautiful box set such as the Mid Autumn Guan Chang Puer Tea Set (RM 48, right) or the Mid Autumn Special Selected Long Ji Tea Set (RM 68, left) makes really great gift to friends or families too. There’s even lantern riddle inside the box! A long lost tradition that needs to remembered this year.

    I could not resist the adorable individual packaging!  _SAM1393

    Black Sesame Lotus Paste Green Tea Mooncake (RM10.80), Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake (RM11.45)


    Bamboo Charcoal Rose Tea Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake (RM10.80), Dates Paste Green Tea Mooncake (RM9.85)


    Purple Potato Lotus Paste White Tea Mooncake (RM10.80), Black Tea Red Bean Paste Cantonese Tea Mooncake (RM8.05), Pandan Lotus Paste Salted Egg York Custard Tea Mooncake (NON VEGETARIAN) (RM11.45)


    White Lotus Paste Green Tea Mooncake (RM10.80), Jasmine Tea Lotus Paste Cantonese Tea Mooncake (RM10.20), Green Tea Lotus Paste Cantonese Tea Mooncake (RM9.85) _SAM1417

    I had to convince KampungBoy to give it a try because he hates really sweet stuff too. However, he changed his mind after he had a bite of the Bamboo Charcoal Rose Tea Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake. This black beauty is nothing like its unassuming looking exterior. The lotus paste is smooth, not too sweet with a light hint of rose tea aroma. The Pandan Custard Salted Egg York Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake is very nice too, as I am always a big fan of custard!


    I do feel “healthier” by indulging in the Purple Potato Lotus Paste White Tea Mooncake. I love the purple potato skin as it is made using real, fresh puree potato. The lotus paste is not too sweet and again, the white tea aroma is neither too strong or too weak, making this a delightful dessert.


    If you are a nuts lover, you need to try the Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake! Filled to the brim with fresh nuts, it gives a very nice crunchy and chewy sensation.


    Remember our childhood’s piggy biscuit? It comes in the form of fishes in Purple Cane! Looks and tastes good too! 3 pieces for RM 9.05.

    Purple Cane’s tea monocles are available for sale in all their FIVE outlets (The Garden’s, Shaw Parade, Paradigm Mall, The Shore Shopping Gallery, Ipoh) as well as online here. Shipping is free!

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