The Pirate Adventure at Melaka Alive


    Ahoy Maties! This is Captain Hook…ops…Captain KB speaking!


    Are you ready for a unique, unforgettable experience for the entire family, aboard a pirate ship in the heart of downtown Melaka, right in front of A Famosa fortress World Heritage site?



    We did a road trip to Malacca last weekend and we were right there at the launch of The Pirate Adventure, Melaka Alive.


    The event is being officiated by Encik Mohd Nizar B Mohd Najib, Advisor to Nuevo Attraction & Destination, as well as Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Khamis B Haji Abas, Pengurus Besar PERZIM. In a short speech given to the public, Encik Mohd Nizar B Mohd Najib mentioned that the total Melaka Alive package will enhance Melaka’s charm as a tourist destination and that the appeal of Melaka Alive is that it makes the rich history of Melaka city accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.


    Are you ready to climb aboard for the pirate adventure of a lifetime by joining the fierce crew of the powerful pirate ship?


    Beware! It is too late to chicken out! We walked through narrow walkways in complete darkness before arriving to this…


    A life size pirate figurine and a pirate in real person! For a while, I can’t really figure out which one is the figurine and which one is the real “pirate”. He continued to warn us…on what is awaiting us behind the doors…

    Spoilers ahead…




    It was fun being a pirate for a day! With various sound and light effects, we literally navigate through the seas of the Melaka Straits before searching the dark and humid jungles for buried treasure. It is a family friendly attraction. There were a little bit of thrills and excitement here and there, but nothing too drastic for kids.

    Tickets for the various attractions start from RM20 for children aged 4-12 and senior citizens, and RM25 for adults, with discounts for MyKAD holders. Tickets may be purchased via or directly from the Melaka Alive ticket counter.

    For more information, refer to Melaka Alive Facebook page.

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