OpenSnap: Your Food Photo Album

    SAM_0325Have you ever have this feeling that you are eating out so much that you can’t even keep track on your eating journey? Or you are always indecisive when it comes to choosing a restaurant or venue for meals? Good news to our fellow foodies in town! OpenSnap is your restaurant album that allows you to build and record all your food photos into a systematic restaurant album as well as to record your own dining journey. This means that everyone is a food blogger in Open Snap. Come join us there! Screenshot_2015-08-02-00-02-07
    I like the clean and user-friendly interface.
    Not only that! If you are a sucker for deals, remember to look out for offers nearby.
    I get to personalize my location to Klang Valley. Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-36-03
    However when I am traveling to places like Ipoh, Penang, Singapore or even Hong Kong, I can change my location so that I can browse through latest food feed available in the respective cities. You can even search for restaurants nearby if you don’t feel like venturing out too far.

    Instead of looking at the restaurant list, the map view is also very useful for someone with no sense of directions like me. I can easily locate the restaurants that I am interested in, and perhaps visit a neighbouring restaurant too! Killing two birds with one stone.

    Apart from that, the bookmark function is extremely useful. I also stalk restaurants that my friends or other users have bookmarked and I always follow them. It’s like a restaurant bucket list for me, as every weekend we will be visiting restaurants that I have already book marked.

    When I click into a specific location, I can also see what have my friends ate at this particular area.


    Remember that OpenSnap is like a photo album for food? It allows user to upload food photos and their followers can like, comment, share or bookmark the photos. Screenshot_2015-08-02-00-01-44

    I can even geotag, hashtag, tag friends, describe the dish and even rate the dish before I upload the photo. It allows me to interact with my friends or my followers. I can even stalk what everyone has been eating lately and follow other users from the “Everyone” tab.


    Not only that! If you are a sucker for deals, remember to look out for offers nearby. SAM_0319   Last weekend, we visited Merchant Lane, a brand new cafe located in Petaling Street. SAM_0314
    We had fun uploading photos of the food and the café.

    KampungBoy accidentally spotted Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock (located just a stone’s throw away) while we were still having coffee in Merchant’s Lane.


    So here we are, enjoying our plate of super delicious nasi lemak while uploading food pictures into Open Snap.

    Download the App ‘OpenSnap’ from Google Play store of itunes.

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