Ipoh Famous Big Tree Foot (Dai Shu Geok) Yong Tau Fu New Location

    Ipoh Famous Big Tree Foot (Dai Shu Geok) Yong Tau Fu is one our favourite eating places in Ipoh, despite it being very crowded and touristy during the weekend.

    However, recently some of our readers were confused as they spotted TWO big tree foot yong tau fu in the same location. The original stall has shifted to a food court next to their original location, while another yong tau fu stall took over their previous location. SAM_0181

    It is not too hard to locate the “original” big tree foot yong tau fu stall as it is often quite packed and crowded. The stall name has always been “Zhong Kei” in Chinese. SAM_0179
    Last weekend, we dropped by for lunch and the food is as good as usual. Remember to try their “sah kok liu” (deep fried turnip with fish paste) – one of our favorites “liu” here.

    It is a D-I_Y affair when it comes to pick your favourite “liu”. Tell the stall owner your table number and your order of noodles and lastly pay when your food has arrived. As simple as that. SAM_0161

    Now can someone take away some yong tau fu from Zhong Kei for us?

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    • Ipoh Mari says:

      In Ipoh, the food has always been collectively called “Yong Liu”. “Yong Tau Fu” is the term exclusively used in KL only. Please correct the description and (inform your readers as well) as everyone in Perak (and probably Penang) will only associate “Yong Tau Fu” with the “Liu” made using “Tau Fu” only.

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