Kai’s Plato @ Kota Damansara

    Kai’s Plato @ Kota Damansara is where we celebrated KampungBoy’s 30th birthday. Every other day, my facebook friends will be posting photos of them dining at Kai’s Plato, making us crave for seafood even more.
    Together with a group of friends, we arrived to Kai’s Plato to find the place packed to the brim. Fortunately, we made our dinner reservation two weeks earlier.

    The mechanic to order is simple. First, choose from a set for 2 (RM 118.80), 4 (RM 229.80) or 6 pax (RM 350). Since there were 5 of us, we shared a seafood platter for four pax, plus an additional order of two sides – Kai’s Chili Mussels and Deep Fried Calamari.
    The waitstaff prepared our table by laying a layer of white paper table cloth on top of the wooden table. We were told that the paper table cloth is going to be our plates and bowls.
    Kai’s Plato has smartly taken advantage of the recent “food porn” trend, as our eyes glittered looking at the seafood platter for four pax set before us which is every bit artistically and visually appealing as it is mouth-watering.

    Our order of seafood platter for four came in a three layer steam pot. The owner explained to us that Kai’s Plato practises “hand and table” dining. First, you pick the seafood of your choice with the tongs, place your food on the table, and start picking them with your hand and shove them into your mouth. Throw the seafood shells into the bucket provided.

    Squids, baby octopus, tiger prawns, baby abalone, cheese baked mussels and clams were being beautifully arranged (like an art piece) on the first layer. “Attack the second layer only after you have finished eating everything from the first layer”, we were told.

    The second layer looked even more impressive with a grand layout of mud crabs, slipper lobsters and scallops. Everything was remarkably fresh and succulent, especially the crabs and prawns, prized for its soft, delicate, sweet taste.

    Finally, we have came to the third layer, which is also the “essence” of the dinner itself. All the seafood juices dripped down and were concentrated into such a small amount of liquid. We had the soup with some angle hair pasta (part of the set). The soup tasted something like a combination of lobster bisque (sans the cream) and prawn mee stock. Do you still need me to tell you how good it is?

    Remember to eat up all the cabbages too. It was soft, sweet and juicy after absorbing all the briny and umami-rich seafood flavours.
    Burp! It was time for us to exercise our fingers after such a huge feast. The owner brought us some cleaned scallop shells and we got to scribble a word or two on it. The shells will be hanged onto the wall of “shells” at one corner of the restaurant.

    If you are celebrating your birthday here, a bottle of complimentary red wine will be provided. However, you must dine in within 3 days from your birthday.

    Our total bill came to RM 302 for the 5 of us, including drinks. We can totally understand the popularity of this restaurant. We’ll be coming back to Kai’s Plato for its fresh seafood, fun dining experience and not-too-bad pricing.

    Kai’s Plato
    A-1F-3, Garden Office @ Encorp Strand,
    No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara
    (above the mamak with yellow sign board)
    Tel: 0172832883

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