Dolly Dim Sum @ Avenue K – Halal Dim Sum

    If you love dim sum — and very few of us don’t — you can now get it within the vicinity of KLCC. The opening of Dolly Dim Sum in Avenue K (next to KLCC) is definitely music to my ears as it means more working dim sum lunch for me and my dim sum loving colleagues.
    Good news to our fellow Muslim friends as well. Dolly Dim Sum is a pork free outlet serving halal dim sum dishes. Here, one can enjoy dim sum every day, all day — most Chinese restaurants serve it only at lunch — letting you order the little plates of dumplings and buns and other appetizer-sized items on little check-list menus from opening until closing.
    Tucked away in a corner behind Fresca Mexican Kitchen (run by the same people), Dolly Dim Sum’s full glass window and rooftop allows ample of natural sun light to flow in. This also means that some tables will get excessive sun light in the day time, so it is best to choose your table wisely. However, during the evening, you are literally dining under the stars while having dim sum. How cool is that!
    I love this wall mural of a Chinese family having dim sum lunch over a big round table. It is actually drawn after the owners and their family members.
    Ordering is simple – just tick on the items you want to order on the dim sum tick-sheet and hand it to the wait staffs.
    Lemongrass and Pomegranate infused iced tea (RM 7.50)

    Apart from your usual Chinese tea, Dolly Dim Sumo offers a selection of mocktails, soft drinks and fruit juices.

    Do expect to see from classics such as har gao (prawn dumpling), siew mai, char siew bao (BBQ chicken bun) and lor mai kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken). I do like some of the Dolly Dim Sum’s special creation such as the Wasabi Prawn Dumpling and Dolly Mozza Roll. In addition to the repeating plates and steamers of dim sum, there are also larger dishes, including plates of stir fried vegetables, fried rice, udon and egg noodles.
    Yam Croquette (RM 8)
    Salted Egg & Chicken Congee (RM 9)

    Egg Custard Bun (RM 7)
    Har Gao (RM 9.50)
    Wasabi Prawn Dumpling (RM8.50)
    Siew Mai (RM 8.80)
    Beef Ball (RM 8.50)

    I have to say that I am quite impressed with the quality of these pork free dim sum. The owners and chefs have worked really hard in finding the best substitutes without compromising the taste and authenticity of traditional Chinese dim sum. My favourite was the really juicy and flavourful siew mai, soft pillowy custard bun with oozing sweet and savory lava, super springy and bouncy beef ball and smooth, velvety congee.

    Pricing is on a higher side (compared to your neighbourhood dim sum joints), but then again having good quality, halal dim sum is never a cheap affair. I’m happy to say  that Dolly Dim Sum makes a great woking breakfast/lunch choice for me and my Muslim colleagues.

    Dolly Dim Sum
    Lot G9 Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: 03-2181 3830
    Open daily from 11am to 10pm

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