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    CNY is just around the corner. Apart from the very possibility of being asked some annoying personal questions, it is also time for our “yi ma gu jie” to judge us. “Aiyo, why so many pimples one”, “Girl, you gain weight la”, “Your hair looks like grass”. I think it is also one of the reasons why it is so hard to make hair appointments or facial appointments one or two weeks before CNY. EVERYONE just wants to look good in front of their friends or relatives.
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    Well, I am no exception. I just have to fix my messy, dry and damaged hair before I balik kampung. As a loyal customer at Number 76, I still have some credits in my member card to offset some of my hair expenses.
    number 76 blog
    So I dropped by Number 76’s latest outlet in Starhill Gallery, which is my favorite place to go now. It is so near to my office that I can always go for some “lunch time fix”. This outlet is also less busy than the others, maybe because it is still very new.

    The salon interior design comes with this cozy ambiance through their sophisticated design. The furnitures are dominated with dark tone of wood, while the walls and ceiling have a modern and simple element. It’s huge and open facade brings lively atmosphere inside the hair salon to outside and become magnet to streetwalker to peek and maybe come in to change their hair style.
    I was seated almost immediately after the front counter confirm my appointment and my hair stylist of the day. I love Number 76’s hot green tea and delicious cookies. My hair stylist also brought me some magazines to kill my boredom.
    It is considered as a luxury for me to sit still and watch my dramas due to work commitment, so I took the opportunity to use their free wi-fi to watch my Chinese drama – Wu Mei Niang.
    Each of us has an appointed stylist and mine is Odera San. He checked my hair condition and recommended me the Ultrasonic Premium Ion Treatment (RM 280).  It is an upgraded version of UltraSonic Iron Hair Treament which I have done prior to our wedding and I super love it. It is available only from 18th January 2015 to 18th February 2015 at a special price of RM280(Np: RM350)! This upgraded version is added with improved formula such as collagen powder and etc for even stronger, smoother and softer hair. According to him, my hair is really dry, damage and so fine that it will break/fall easily. He said that the results would be immediate and it will last me for about 2 months. The results:

    Mega Nourishment
    Detangled Knots
    Ultra Softness
    Radiant Shine
    Silky Smooth
    Stronger Texture
    Healthier Hair
    I was then passed to Jason, who washes and cleanses my scalp and hair. After that, both of them applied the treatment cream on my hair.
    There is no heat involved in this signature treatment by Number76 Hair Salon. Jason used a cold straightener on my hair. He asked me to put my fingers on the iron and yes it is cold. I can also see how the water drops vibrate as the straightener vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment. For the UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treament, this process is repeated twice compared to the normal UltraSonic Hair Treatment.
    It also vibrates the cells of my hair and helps to penetrate the treatment cream deep into my hair. I can hear and feel the mild vibrating sound during the ironing process and I do not feel any discomfort at all.
    After the ironing process, Jason and Odera San applied the collagen cream on my hair before washing it off.
    To maintain my smooth and silky hair, I was given 4 x DEESSE`S Hair Treatment for 4 weeks. Just use it as conditioner after shampoo. Easy peasy!
    I also requested for a hair cut, just in time for CNY. Actually this is the third time Odera San cut my hair, he managed to persuade me to do a short bob last year. My short bob is so easy to maintain, with just some simple blow drying techniques which he taught me last time. The most amazing thing is, my natural wavy hair just become so straight and manageable after I cut it short.
    Jason also applied Shiseido Hair Scalp Essence to my roots and gave me a head massage and applied the DEESSE`S Elujuda Fluent Oil to the ends of my hair before Odera San started to blow dry and style my hair.
    Tadaa! I’m loving the end result!
    KampungBoy said he loves running his fingers through my hair now, because it is so smooth and there are no tangles at all! I’m so glad that I did this treatment with Number 76 Hair Salon. With it’s skilled stylist, good customer service and clean environment, a hair do in Number 76 definitely worth the price. If you are still worried about the pricing of their various hair services, refer to the price list here – http://www.number76.com/service.php, It is all published and Number 76 is very transparent with their pricing.

    Number76 (Starhill Gallery Branch)
    S4, Pamper Floor,
    Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2141 6676 / 03 2141 7076
    Email: [email protected]
    Store Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
    Website: http://www.number76.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paddling76

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