La Creperie de Caroline @ Bangsar, KL

    Our first meal in Paris was at the famous Breizh Cafe that specialises in Brittany’s galettes, crepes, oysters and ciders. It was such a wonderful start to our Europe trip. It has left us with a lasting memory of excellent hospitality and great tasting crepes that we could not find elsewhere in Kuala Lumpur.
    Recently we heard that there is this authentic creperie in town that is owned and manned by a French lady. So we found ourselves sitting down in La Creperie de Caroline on a fine weekday evening. Caroline Broutin, the owner greeted us and told us a lot about North Western France, in particular Brittany and the two most iconic Breton dishes – crepes and galettes. In Creperie de Caroline, one can find authentic French sweet & savory crêpes, mussels, meat, burgers, pasta, salads, waffles and ice cream.
    Lorina Pink Lemonade
    Mussels & French Fries Trilogy – choose your flavors (Mariniere, Cream, Provencales or Curry), RM 42
    We started off with the Mussels Trilogy and we opted to have it in white wine (Mariniere), tomatoes & herbs (Provencales) and curry flavours.

    We thought we had the best mussels in Léon de Bruxelles but Caroline’s version surprised us! The white wine mussels was so delicious. The sweetness of the wine and the delicate flavours from the vegetables (celery, onion, garlic) complimented the slight salinity from the mussels. I asked the waiter for a soup spoon, then slurp up my delicious mussel soup, till the last drop.

    Succulent mussels tossed through onion, garlic,tomato, and fresh herbs is another winning combination. The luscious broth for these plump mussels was creamy, tangy and came with a whole lot of tomatoes goodness.

    The curry mussels was catered to Malaysian’s palate, so I told. I could eat this pot over and over again and drink the broth. The curry flavor combined with the sweetness of the mussels was outrageous.
    I am pretty sure that most of us are into the mussels for the bread. For the bread in the broth. Remember to help yourselves with the warm and crusty breads, not forgetting the fries too.
    La Solbiac (RM 29) – egg, turky ham, emmental cheese, mushrooms, salad

    We ordered a galette that came with cheese, turkey ham, creamy mushrooms and an egg. It was light and fluffy, and every mouhtful was so creamy and luscious.

    Le Pays D’auge – Apple Compote flambe in Calvados (RM 34)
    We had high expectation on the dessert crepes and it did not disappoint.  Our crepes, nicely toasted inside out, was topped with apple compote and flambé with calvados, a pear and apple-based brandy from the northern part of France. It was generously drizzled with Caroline’s home made salted caramel. It was so thick and flavourful, with a slight salty notes which almost resemble toffee.
    La Nutty – nutella waffle with nutella ice cream (RM 26)

    As cliche as it sounds, Caroline’s chocolate waffle was golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. We were really full by then, but we could not resist finishing the whole piece. The home made nutella ice cream was velvety smooth and the waffle was laced with plenty of rich, gooey goodness. What a beautiful mess!
    The traditional drink of Brittany is cider. Brittany is the second largest cider-producing region in France. and it is traditionally served in a bowl or a cup. It was fruity with uncommon depth and balance.
    La Caroline de Creperie is definitely the place to go for crepes, galettes and waffles. The choice of fillings is extensive, and the ingredients are of high quality – including the use of imported buckwheat flour, Lescure butter and home made salted caramel sauce.

    La Creperie de Caroline
    33, Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar
    Tel: 03-2202-0238

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