Top 5 Things to Pack when We Go Travel

    Packing for a trip is a necessary step in getting to the destination, but sometimes packing can be a headache.

    Sometimes we either pack too many clothes for a trip or we don’t pack. And most of the time, we pack to the last minute—which makes our packing decisions even worse.

    Fortunately, we have accumulated enough experiences in packing for travel over the years. So here’s our take on the top 5 things to pack when we go travel.
    We usually travel the minimalist and hassle-free way. However, most of the time, these 5 items will appear inside our luggage:

    1) Neck Rest – If you must sleep sitting up, good head and neck support is vital. We travel via budget airlines a lot, and I must tell you that a good neck rest can transform your cattle seat into a business class seat and gives you a good night’s sleep. We prefer the neck cushions with micro-beads as they are really very comfortable. Mine was from Daiso for only RM 10.
    2) Power Bank – Power bank is definitely the best invention ever, after smart phones. This life saving gadget can prevent dead batteries. Frankly, it should be a permanent fixture in every bag.
    3) Sunglasses – If you must travel in style like us (ahem), beat the glare in style with a pair of sunglasses in a variety of shapes. It also protects your eyes from harmful solar radiation.
    4) Sports action camera – it is waterproof, shock-proof and dust- and freeze-proof; making it perfect for travels and adventures.
    5) Instant Noodles – Airplane food is usually horrendous so we normally indulge on our favourite instant noodles as soon as we checked into our hotels. It can also satisfy our cravings whenever that yearning for the taste of home is too strong.
    Mi Sedaap cup noodles comes in three flavour – Mi Goreng, Mi Kuah Rasa Baso Spesial, Mi Kuah Rasa Soto . Our favourite is the Mi Kuah Rasa Baso Spesial that comes with dried vegetables, oil, serbuk gurih (for soto) and other condiments. The soto soup is really authentic too!
    KampungBoy enjoys having it whenever he is rushing for his projects and proposals.
    It is the ultimate comfort food, he said. There’s nothing like a hot and delicious meal to comfort your soul when you are feeling stress.
    Our latest addiction is the Mi Goreng Ayam Krispi. Whenever I go for nasi lemak with ayam goreng berampah, I will sure ask the makcik to add some of those crispy bits to my nasi. And this instant noodles comes with a bag of ‘Krispi Kreez Kreez’ inside. I will sprinkle those golden crispy bits all over my noodles. So delicious!

    Ahhh hopefully they will release the cup version soon, so it will be easier for us to bring while we are travelling! =D

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