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    Tired of your usual roast turkey, stuffing and Christmas ham? How about having “A Taste of Malaysia” in Makan Kitchen @ Double Tree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur this festive season? Priced at RM108++ per person, the dinner spread is featuring six new exciting dishes that reflect a true showcase of Malaysian cuisine. Makan Kitchen is well known for having the biggest and best spread of Malaysian cuisine under one roof. Other than your usual Malay curry, Indian naan and Chinese roast; traditional dishes like Otak Otak and Beef Rendang have been given a creative twist with gourmet ingredients like Alaskan King Crab and Long Rib Beef Rendang.

    The restaurant interior is cozy and elegant at the same time; with strong ethnic interlays and influences from all races in Malaysia.
    Makan Kitchen offers a theatrical and interactive dining experience that provides a culinary tour through Malaysia, Asia and the Pacific region as showcased in their offering. There’s pecal sayuran counter, noodles station, ikan bakar station and satay station. Most of the food here is cooked or grilled to order to ensure quality and freshness.


    Ikan bakar, or grilled fish, is one of those quintessentially Malaysian dishes that KampungBoy really loves. He commented that Makan Kitchen’s version of ikan bakar is infused with the aroma of sambal chilli. This is perfect for those who love it spicy. Sedap!
    Even the grilled satay had this nice, smoky flavours from the grill. The meat was tender and juicy, best when eaten together with Makan Kitchen’s homa made peanut sauce.

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    Fresh seafood such as crabs, mussels, prawns and bamboo clams were infused with local herbs and spices which contribute bright colour, savoury taste and sensational aroma. Even the dipping sauces were so good, I especially like the mango salsa sauce.
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    Patrons also have the chance to savour some of the famous traditional Malay dishes available here.
    The Indian kitchen was headed by Chef Prem Kumar Jeyaranam. He said he was using his family’s secret recipes for most of the dishes here so the authenticity is assurred.
    I was delighted to see the Nyonya section with both sweet and savoury light bites. All of the nyonya kuih here were delicious, fresh, authentic, and wonderfully homemade.

    The Chinese section was not lacking in terms of choices either. The offerings were extensive – from slow-boiled soup, dim sum, stir fried dishes to tong sui (sweet soup), Hong Kong roast and Chinese pickles.
    We were introduced to this Braised Spicy Venison Ribs and there was no turning back. It was very addictive.
    Made from many different types of herbs and chilies, it was spicy but the numbling sensation was quite mild. The selection of vegetables had a nice crunch to it while the venison ribs were so tender and juicy.
    Alaskan King Crab Otak Otak – we called this a “glam up” version of Otak Otak, while retaining it’s original Nyonya flavours and texture. It was freshly made from mackerel and steam baked in bamboo with spices that infuse the meat with a natural bamboo aroma. The otak otak was spicy enough for our likings and I like how we can still bite into some chunky pieces Alaskan King Crab meat.
    The Long Rib Beef Rendang too, was amazing. It was fork tender, and the rendang gravy was so flavourful.
    Have you tried Pansoh Manok – a popular chicken dish cooked in bamboo? This cuisine orignated from the Iban tribe in Sarawak which uses bamboo stem to impart a unique aroma to the food and keeps the chicken tender and moist. It was our first time trying it, and I like how the chicken remained so juicy and tender with great flavours imparted by the herbs and bamboo stem.
    Coming from the Chinese kitchen is Peking Duck Roll. The duck was roasted to perfection in a special brick oven and was carved and sliced right in front of us when we placed our orders. It was extra delicious when eaten together with the soft flour skin, hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion.
    Tandoori is a specialty of Makan Kitchen and the tandoori prawns marinated in a special mix of homemade yogurt and slow cooked on skewers in a tandoori oven were so good!
    Chinese style Mahogany Roasted Turkey Leg with Star Anice Lacquer

    Fancy having some hot turkey legs this Christmas? Makan Kitchen has came up with three variants of turkey legs, in unique Malaysian flavours of course. Turkey leg ala Chinese roast, percik style and tandoori cooked surprising work! You got to try it for yourself.
    Truly Malay Percik Turkey Leg with Galangal and Coconut Gravy
    Indian Inspired Tandoori Turkey Leg with Mint Chutney
    Remember to save room for the massive dessert selection, which includes cake pops, pastries, cookies and even chocolate fountain and ice cream.

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    If there are nothing that excite you more than piling your plates high with ‘all you can grab’ grub, Makan Kitchen is an ideal buffet restaurant for you. From fresh seafood to Malaysian rice plates, Indian naans to ice-cream and desserts, their amazing buffet spreads is sure to impress anyone. The 6 signature dishes is what makes them stand out from the rest too!

    A Taste of Malaysia buffet with SIX traditional flavours re-invented with a modern touch is available for dinners daily. (RM 108++ per person)
    Makan Kitchen Hot Legs promotion is available this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, (24th December dinner at RM 125++ per person, 25th December high tea at RM 92++ per person, dinner at RM 125++ per person).
    For dining reservations, please call (03) 21727272 or visit

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