Love Tweak Here & There

    We all have someone or something that we wanted to protect dearly in our lives. Apart from our families and friends, the one thing that we really value is our gadgets. In our household of two young adults (so far), our most valuable belongings got to be our tablets , smartphones and laptops. Smartphones especially, play such a big role in our lives that we could not do without it.
    So in a normal household with smartphones, tablets and laptops, we often find our charging cables lying around the floor. It can be a tripping hazard or the risk of electrical shock.
    I’m sure most of us have one or two perfume box/gift box lying around the house. Give it a simple tweak and it can become a nice charging cradle for them that hangs right off the socket, so they aren’t taking up space on the floor. Alternatively, you can use it to organize your cables on the wall too.
    I also carry my phone charging cables around, to work, to travel and when I’m out and about. There aren’t any other better way to keep them tidy and organized than a toilet roll! Just wrap it with some old magazine and catalogue paper to beautify it.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.19.28 PM.png
    Love Tweaks are DIY solutions that protect the things you love. Have an idea for a Love Tweak? Share it at Zurich Facebook Page. A surprise celebrity guest will pick 3 entries each week and give them the acid test. The best one wins!
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    The RM 3000 weekly prizes could be yours! Remember to visit Zurich Facebook Page. I had fun browsing through the entries of creative love tweak ideas.

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