Join the KenTrade Trading Challenge to Win Cash Prizes & Volkswagen Jetta!

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    Have you ever wondered what would you do for a million ringgit? Spending it all on a luxurious around the world trip? Buying all the branded hand bags that you have been longing for? One million ringgit is certainly enough for most people to retire on, assuming you live a modest lifestyle and the inflation does not go overboard. Of course, the sensible option is to invest in a well-diversified portfolio based on your age and risk tolerance.

    But first of all, how do we get started? Our teachers never teach us about the 101 of investing and personal finance in school. For non finance/business graduates, portfolio management and investing are just jargons to most of us.
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    KenTrade by Kenanga is now offering us a good platform to start to learn how to trade the stock markets! RM 1 million of virtual money is provided for you kick start your trading experience with KenTrade.
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    Apart from trading like a millionaire, you stand a chance to win a Volkswagen Jetta by participating in the Kentrade Trading Challenge by Kenanga. All the players will be ranked by their portfolio return and the top 33 from both student and public category will stand a chance to win cash prizes up to RM 18,888 cash in trading account + 1 year unlimited free online trade.
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    The top 10 semifinalists with highest portfolio from each category will enter the face off challenge on 13th November 2014 from 9am to 1230pm. The grand prize winner will win Volkwagen Jetta worth RM 130,888! That’s like one of my ideal car model, and I so wanted to win that!
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    Just three easy steps to be a few steps closer to the Volkswagen Jetta! First, log on to KenTrade and click on the trading challenge web banner. Click register and fill in the particulars. Log on and you will see this page. Click on how to play for a clear instruction on preparing your browser (windows only) and executing your trades.
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    Click on play now to enjoy all the adrenalin rush even if it is just virtual money! As you can see, the KenTrade trading platform is very user friendly. It is very easy to do buy and sell trades and also to monitor your portfolio’s position.

    It is a good time to look at the equities market as the stock markets, with both local and regional have corrected for the past few weeks on weak growth date and slumping oil prices. It is not easy to time the market but opportunities can pop up at anytime. Remember to look out for standouts with great fundamentals in a down market. This involves doing some research on the company as well as its macro environment.

    Upon signing up, send a screen grab of your registration confirmation [email protected] and quote KBCG to redeem a mystery prize.

    Remember! Contest runs from October 13 to November 7 and contest registration ends on 20th October! All the best!

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