Win Cash Prizes with RHB NOW

    With internet banking, gone were the days of queuing up for hours just to pay a bill, withdraw money or transfer money. It is getting more convenient now as online banking moves from web browsers to app stores which means we can almost get our banking errands done almost instantly.
    Have you tried the RHB Now Mobile Banking App, a mobile channel for RHB Bank customers to check balances or make payments via mobile devices? It is available for downloads in both Android and iOS platforms.

    The good news is as a user of RHB Now Mobile Banking, there are a lot of great deals and great rewards. RHB is rewarding their customers with RM 100,000 cash prizes! All you need to do is just to transact and stand to win prizes. The more you transact, the more you win.
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    Apart from that, there is also a photo contest where you can upload pictures of yourselves with the theme of “what would you do with so much cash won from RHB?” Upload it then complete this “If I won cash and prizes from RHB Now, I would……” on and your creativity could win you more cash on top of the Grand or Weekly Prizes.

    “If I won cash and prizes from RHB Now, I would definitely take my family onto a nice holiday again. We just came back from Australia and we had so much fun. We will plan for our next trip but it will be best if we can win some cash prizes from RHB!

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    What are you waiting for? Just 3 easy steps to win yourselves some attractive cash prizes!

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