Sakae Sushi @ 1Utama, Bandar Utama

    Honey Jujube Genmai Tea (RM 8.98-cold)

    When it comes to Japanese food, Sakae Sushi is a familiar household name. From their first outlet in The Curve, up till 26 outlets spreading across East Malaysia and West Malaysia; this kaiten sushi-concept restaurant with a green frog mascot continues to bring us good and affordable Japanese food.

    Honey Jujube Genmai Tea (RM 7.98-hot)

    From time to time, Sakae Sushi introduces new menu and their recent additions are really interesting. We started with their new beverages – honey jujube genmai tea. It is actually Japanese green tea blended with roasted brown rice and infused with nourishing honey and Jujube dates. Who would have thought about combining Japanese tea with traditional Chinese dates and wolf berries? Hot or cold, the combination actually works – so refreshing and nourishing at the same time.

    Sashimi Mori Zen (RM 26.98 1 pcs each, RM 55.98 3 pcs each)

    This must be the most affordable sashimi platter in town. There were seven varieties of sashimi – ocean fresh salmon, salmon roe, yellowtail, tuna, swordfish belly, octopus, butterfish.
    The thickly cut sashimi pieces were so rich, with buttery textures, and sweet, briny flavours reminiscent of the ocean. We were told that Sakae Sushi takes pride in their salmon offerings because it is air-flown fresh in line with their farm to table approach. The quality control and requirement is stringent to ensure absolute freshness and quality.
    Wafu Salad (RM 6.98)

    The wafu salad with avocado, lotus root, raisin, vegetables with drizzle of wafu dressing was so light and refreshing. Great to cleanse our palates after the sashimi platter.
    Aburi Salmon Maki (RM 19.98)

    Served in seven pieces, the hand-pressed Japanese roll was prepared with a luscious topping of half-broiled salmon, shrimp roe and mayo. I like how the salmon layer was lightly seared, the cut is fatty almost to the point of falling apart and literally melts in one’s mouth. Their sushi rice is also added with vitamin E which is good for skin and immune system.
    Salmon Zukushi (RM 19.98)

    Since Sakae Sushi takes pride in their salmon supplies, its new menu is featuring a dish that is wholly dedicated to salmon, and only salmon. We loved the five unique sushi and sashimi varieties. There is no such thing as salmon overdose when everything tastes so good!
    Yaki Corn Tempura (RM 7.98)

    The juicy grilled corn was coated with golden tempura batter for a crisp delightful treat. It was seriously addictive! The corn fritter was crunchy, slightly sweet and salty. I’m normally not a huge fan of tempura but this dish was amazing.
    Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM 20.98)

    The Hotate mentaiyaki is my favorite dish in Sakae Sushi! The huge and succulent scallops were grilled to perfection and covered with creamy, rich mentaiko mayo. So good!
    Goma Soft Shell Crab Cha Soba (RM 17.98)

    For main dishes, the goma soft shell crab cha soba with sesame dressing was beautifully presented. My only gripe was that the noodles were not cooked right – not exactly springy, not exactly al dente.
    Smoked Kamo Nabe (RM 23.98)

    It is a tantalizing hotpot combination of tender smoked duck alongside assorted mushrooms and vegetables in clear broth. I loved the generous amount of cabbages and vegetables, which were sweet and delicious. However, the broth was too salty for my likings.
    Fire Engine (RM 13.98)

    Kids and young at hearts alert! Remember to order this fun kiddy set with mouth-watering chicken teriyaki, mini prawn tempura, smiley potato fries, assorted vegetables and steamed rice.
    Miso Ice Cream (RM 6.98)

    The miso ice cream topped with bonito flakes is exclusive to Sakae Sushi. The miso had a lovely salty butterscotch flavour which when added to cream is a lot like salted caramel. In my humble opinion, it was incredibly creamy and tasted better than salted caramel!
    Nori (Seaweed) Ice Cream
    Matcha (Green Tea) Ice Cream
    Goma (Sesame) Ice Cream
    Choco Monaka Jumbo
    Yukimi Daifuku

    Japanese desserts at Sakae Sushi were incredible. Other than the usual green tea ice cream and goma ice cream, the seaweed ice cream was something new for us! The ice cream was creamy and substantial, with some umami flavour infused by seaweed.

    Thank you Sakae Sushi for maintaining its delicious yet affordably-priced fare, offering us consumers plenty of choices when it comes to Japanese food. Also, in conjunction with their anniversary celebration, from 19 September till 31 October 2014, diners will get a Free Gift of Love Rewards Voucher Booklets with a minimum spend of RM80 in a single receipt. Inside the booklet, one can find pages of exciting promotion from exclusive lifestyle categories such as dining, movies, fashion, fitness and entertainment. That’s not all, Sakae Sushi also invites customers to continue sharing hope and love to the underprivileged. Simply fold an origami heart with the paper attached at the 1st page of the voucher booklet and drop it off at the special ‘Gift of Love’ boxes, Sakae Sushi will donate RM1 to HOPE worldwide Malaysia.

    This food tasting session was organised by HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!

    Sakae Sushi @ 1 Utama

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