Kitchen Safety with Gas Petronas


    If you follow us on instagram, you will know that we cook a lot. Cooking is our passion and we find it therapeutic, except for that occasional nicking our finger while chopping vegetables or manage to burn a pan of roasting potatoes. However do you know that actual danger does present in any household’s kitchen?

    The very best safety is prevention. Whenever we are cooking, we must not leave our cooking unattended. We also ensure that certified equipment are used and regularly checked up. Gas Petronas is our preferred choice as their trained personnels are commited to perform safety checks, ensure convenience and efficient delivery to your door steps.

    Do you know that there are many other safety measures?

    I really like this video prepared by Gas Petronas. It is so educational and yet entertaining at the same time.

    The video clip started with a scene of Chef Wan taking a stroll along the beach when he smells something peculiar coming from a nearby home.

    He rushes into a woman’s house (Cik Kiah) to find out the source of the smell (which is burnt food), and begins to educate her on the safety procedures when cooking and handling LPG cylinder. Chef Wan also highlights the correct equipment for LPG cylinder. The video ends with Chef Wan cooking a meal for Cik Kiah.

    Cik Kiah was so thrilled to see Chef Wan stepping into her home, and what more teaching her about kitchen safety and cooked her a meal. As a celebrity chef, Chef Wan probably spends more time in the kitchen than an average person. So he is the best person to demonstrate the importance of taking care of the safety aspects in the kitchen because he knows best.

    Tips in the video:
    1. Do not leave cooking unattended.
    2. Always ensure good air ventilation while cooking.
    3. The stove must always be placed higher than the gas cylinder
    4. Ensure that the safe distance between the gas cylinder and stove is at a minimum of 1.0 – 1.5 meters
    5. Do not store gas cylinder in an unventilated area
    6. Odd smells from the gas cylinder and insects on the regulator means gas leakage.
    7. Turn off all sources of fire and do not use or operate electrical appliances if there is an odd smell like gas leakage.
    8. If there is gas leakage, please contact PETRONAS Mesralink 1 300 888 181.
    9. If there is a fire, please contact Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) at 999.
    10. Do not lay down the gas cylinder horizontally.
    11. Light the fire before switching on the stove.
    12. Use only equipment (gas regulator and hose) approved by SIRIM – Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia.
    13. It is encouraged to change the gas regulator every 5 years and hose every 2 years.
    14. Use soap water to check for gas leakages.
    15. Check gas regulator and hose from time to time.
    16. Switch off the stove and remove gas regulator valve when not in use.

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