The Grind Burger Bar @ Seksyen 17

    Don’t think for a second that the burger craze is dying down as there are a few more new burger joints openings to spike the trend. However, an old name that we really like is The Grind Burger Bar located in Seksyen 17.
    Having been in business for more than a year, offering high-quality toppings and friendly services; The Grind Burger Bar is constantly attracting both new and repeat customers.
    The establishment has a casual vibe, somewhere between a bar and a remotely fancy restaurant. We loved the shiny floors, exposed brick walls, and vintage posters hanging on the left and the right side of the restaurant.
    grind burger
    The Menu at The Grind Burger Bar offers the finest burgers, sides, fries, pastas, salads and drinks such as beers, wines, sodas and juices.
    We started with the Big Black Dog (RM16) – pork bratwurst served on black charcoal buns topped with chili pork, natural cheese, mozzarella & fresh onions, served with herb fries and a bed of greens. It is the only non-burger mains available on the menu.
    It was really delicious as the sausage bun was spiked with chili pork and oozing, melting cheeses to help pack some serious punch. The pork bratwurst was really thick, juicy and tasty too!
    We also had The Grind House Burger (RM21 pork, RM 23 beef), featuring a freshly ground, hand-pressed Aussie beef patty topped with egg, bacon, caramelized onions & natural cheddar cheese in a house-made brioche with The Grind’s secret “Dracula Sauce.”
    Remember to grab lots of napkins as it is a super messy burger – but so worth it. The Australia grain fed burger patty was loosely packed to ensure a tender and juicy texture. The runny egg yolk and beef juices ended up in a messy puddle covered in sauce on the bottom of my serving plate. It is very hard to go wrong with this awesome combination of bacon, egg, cheese, patty, caramelised onion and special mayo sauce too!
    The Hono’lulu Burger (RM17 pork, RM19 beef) spiked my interest as I love anything pineapple! It is combining a beautiful pork/beef patty with grilled pineapples, melted cheddar, crisp green, onions, fresh tomatoes and mayo. We opted for the beef patty.
    The burgers held together perfectly, and had a nice mix of tastes and textures: the juiciness and tenderness of the beef patty, combined with the sweet and soft grilled pineapple slice with melted cheddar and tangy mayo sauce. I have to say that tangy fruits added a refreshing twist to the usual burger fare.
    The last burger that we tried was the Wild ‘Shroom (RM21 beef, RM 19 pork). We settled for a pork patty and the burger features sauteed wild mushrooms, natural Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, onion slivers, fresh tomato and mayonnaise too. I like how The Grind Burger Bar created a juicy, richly flavorful pork burger without a heavy spread or sauce by just adding mushrooms right on top of the burger patties for extra juiciness.

    All burgers and sausage bun servings come with herb fries and salad. These home made fries smothered in herbs are really addictive and delicious.
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    Terms & Conditions:
    The Grind Burger Bar,
    7, Jalan 17/45, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
    Tel: 03-7932 3883
    Business Hours: Tuesday – Sundays from 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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