Fuel Savings Tips for Road-Trips

    Penang food trip
    Hi there! We just came back from a Penang road trip with Bobo & Jo!
    Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.31.14 PM.png
    The trip was crazy fun – we ate as much as our stomach can hold and we also took so many pictures around the island. It was also a (sort of) budget trip as we ate mainly hawker food, do all the free things that a tourist can do and we car-pooled.
    Apart from car-pooling, we also save on our fuels by departing early in the morning, using the shortest route, drive smoothly and pump the right fuels such as the Shell FuelSave 95. It is a fuel that is Designed to Last Longer per Tank.

    Sometimes, it is all about small little changes that can makes a whole lot of differences to your fuel consumption. Most people ignore their vehicle’s maintainence but tyre pressure and engine condition will affect your fuel economy. Driving style and behavior also play a big role in improving fuel consumption. A car is just like human, by just eating the right food before a workout can give you the necessary fuel to make it through the day. Hence, it is also very important to use to right fuel and machine oil to improve your fuel and engine efficiency. More Shell FuelSave  tips here.
    If you want learn a thing or two about fuel saving, then the Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 is a great platform. Running into it’s 6th consecutive year, the Shell FuelSave Challenge is an annual dving event that showcases how easy it is for everyday individuals to become advocates of fuel-saving and be rewarded when they practice the Shell FuelSave Tips, coupled with the use of Shell FuelSave 95.

    I like how Shell is very passionate about helping Malaysian motorists be more fuel efficient by making smarter choices on the road with Shell FuelSave 95. The secret behind the fuel efficiency of Shell FuelSave 95 is the Active Efficiency Ingredients that is designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency, as well as save costs.

    Everyone should join the driving challenge that will test how fuel efficient your driving is. If you can put the Shell FuelSave Tips into practice, you’re more likely to win attractive cash prizes! Four regional winners (North, East Coast, Central and South) will walk away with RM2000 each. These four winners will stand a chance to compete at the National Finals for the grand prize worth RM20,000.

    This year, participants will be able to enhance their knowledge on making smart choices on the road through a new experience beyond the driving challenge by being part of an exciting online Shell FuelSave Journey. Participants-who-successfully completed the assigned online tasks and ‘missions’ on the Shell FuelSave Journey will stand an opportunity to win exclusive prizes and rewards even if they do not make it to the Driving Challenge itself.
    Remember to register for the Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 and take part in the Shell FuelSave Journey at www.shell.com.my/fschallenge. Last year’s winner managed to achieve 23.48 KM/Litre, try beating the record this year!

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