Making Bread is Easy with Panasonic Bread Maker!

    Cooking is one of those things I was once afraid of, but after trying it “for fun” one time I discovered how easy it was and kept at it. As time passes, I am quite good at it, as evident from those home-cooked food pictures on our instagram and facebook page feed. However, I am not as confident when it comes to baking. Most baking recipes need all the precision in the world and precise measurements are vital to the recipe’s success. Don’t even mention about temperature control and timing control.
    Recently, I attended the Panasonic’s Bread Maker event at The Cooking House because I was told that making bread is as easy ABC. I doubted as I remembered that bread making involves a lot of kneading, shaping and punching action from watching AFC. However, I attended because I was curious and I do love going for workshops like this.
    We were divided into groups and my team was trying out the pumpkin rice flour bread recipe and these are the ingredients required.
    I like how the bread pan is having the right size – neither too big nor too small. KampungBoy and I can finish a loaf of bread made from the Panasonic Bread Maker within two days.

    Chef Collin from The Cooking House came to offer us his help. Actually, we did not really need his help because the process of making a bread with the Panasonc Bread Maker is just TOO simple. You’ll see why later.
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    Step 1: Measure and pour in all the needed ingredients (except for yeast/nuts) into the bread pan.
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    Step 2: Place the bread pan into Panasonic Bread Maker.
    Step 3: Pour in instant dry yeast into the yeast dispenser.
    Step 4: Select a mode and press START.
    Step 4: Watch TV, make coffee and wait for your bread to be done within 2 hours.

    As you can see, the Panasonic Bread Maker automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes bread. The bread making process is highly vulnerable to temperature, umidity indredients and proofing time. So the yeast dispenser automatically drops in dry yeast at the optimum time and temperature. It is made possible with its 13-hour digital timer and temperature sensors. The nut dispenses gives you freedom to add dried fruit, nuts and seeds for a unique flavour while remaining its texture.
    Our pumpkin bread was ready in two hours time and they tasted heavenly!
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    Next, we used the dough function to make dough. Then we used the dough that we made to make some mini buns. The Panasonic Bread Maker is not just restricted to making breads,; mantaos, calzones, cakes and even Japanese gyoza skin can be made.
    Panasonic Bread Maker comes together with a very beautiful and vintage looking recipe books. There are 20 simple recipes inside and I spotted some interesting flavours such as potato bread with chia seed, black sesame bread and calzone!


    So it is time to put the bread maker into test!
    My first attempt was the Potato Bread with Chia Seeds. The recipe provided by Panasonic Cooking was pretty straight forward – simple ingredients and easy preparations. After I place all the ingredients into the bread pan and the yeast into the yeast dispenser, I just need to choose menu number 3 for soft bread option and select crust colour to be medium.
    The Panasonic bread maker will then mixes, kneads, rises and bakes the bread. After 4 hours, my bread is done! The result was amazing! It was soft and fluffy and the crust was seen in a perfect golden brown colour. We had it for breakfast and it really fuels us up with all the health benefit from chia seeds and potatoes. Also, with the preset timer function, we can now put together the ingredients the night before and set the timer. The bread will be ready in the morning!
    For the second loaf of bread, I replaced the mashed potatoes with mashed bananas and voila! I have a loaf of sweet tasting bread for my afternoon tea!
    The Panasonic Bread Maker is not just restricted to bread making! I made some lemon cake with the machine and it turned out to be perfect too! So easy, plus the preparation and baking time is shorten to only 1.5 hours in total!

    Panasonic Bread Maker has proven that making bread is as easy as ABC! I can’t wait to experiment with more flavours and the idea of having freshly baked bread every morning makes me really happy!

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