Stadium Astro Ola Bola World Cup Party

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    Are you ready for the World Cup Fever? This year, watching World Cup is a whole new experience with the introduction of technology. Helmed by, Astro’s 2014 FIFA World Cup™ experience ignites passion for the greatest show on earth with multiple apps for viewers to Watch, Play, Listen and Read about the World Cup.

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    The four major apps to enhance your football watching experience would be : StadiumAstro, Astro GO 2014 FIFA World Cup, Astro on the Go and #OlaBola Football predictor. Scroll down to find out how to make the most out of these apps!


    Just last weekend, we joined in the fun at Stadium Astro Ola Bola World Cup Party, It was a well-attended event, I guess football and especially World Cup which happens only once every four years unites everyone.

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    Before participating in the station games, we warmed up with some FIFA World Cup trivia questions and quizzes.


    Before I knew it, kampungboy’s team won! Not bad ar, your FIFA World Cup knowledge.


    We also got to experience and try out some of the awesome apps introduced by Astro.

    #1  Ola Bola Football Predictor App

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    The Ola Bola Football Predictor is an app/game that will really enhance your World Cup watching experience. As you are watching a match, go to the app and click “Enter Match”. While the two opponent teams are playing, you can predict a penanlty, corner, missed free kick and even the scores. Remember to continue playing and accumulating points as you challenge your friends to emerge the Champion of Football Predictor for World Cup 2014. Check out who is in the hall of fame now!

    At the end of World Cup, the highest scorer will win a Foosball table! This will definitely add some excitement to the match!


    During the Stadium Astro Ola Bola World Cup Party, we participated in the station games and our first stop was the football predictor. On screen was an old match being played, and all my team members stare at it intensely as we wanted predict a goal. What a heart stopping experience.


    We predicted that a goal will happen in the next 30 seconds and secure 2,000 points! However, there are only 5 chances to do that througout a game so use it wisely!

    #2 Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup™ App

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    Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup™ app and Web Player is one of the key offerings of Astro. If you have a Astro Football Pass, you will be able to wath all 64 LIVE matches through 6 Multi-Camera feeds with Timeline and Event Markers for instant replay and Multi-Angle review. How cool! It is better than being there at Rio to watch a live match!

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    Apart from that, comprehensive info and statistics, and over 4,000 Video On Demand Clips are available with just a touch of your finger.

    #3 Astro on the Go app

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    Not an Astro subsriber? No problem! This app is featuring all 64 matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ for both Astro customers and non-Astro customers. 30 of the 64 LIVE matches will be FREE for all Malaysians while customers can purchase single game on pay-per-view basis sold at RM6 each.

    #4 Stadium Astro

    Stadium Astro is a comprehensive mobile app that is dedicated in bringing you the latest happenings from the world of sports. Be it match updates, fixtures, highlights or videos, there is something here for every fan regardless of your allegiances.

    Follow Match
    You get to watch match highlights, in-match clips, previews and much more.
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    Become a walking dictionary of FIFA World Cup by catching up on all the latest news and headlines.

    Whose Side Will You Take?



    Also remember to show your team your support in the largest face painting drive in Malaysia!

    KampungBoy is torned between England and Brazil haha!

    However, he settled with Brazil but wearing an England jersey haha! It is quite cool as you get to display a cover photo of the team you support, and your profile picture will be you with some cool painting!

    Here’s more pictures from the Stadium Astro Ola Bola World Cup Party:


    I may not be the biggest football fan, but the atmosphere and people around me influences me a lot.  So here’s my try on scoring a goal!


    KampungBoy is loving these mini official FIFA World Cup balls.

    With celebrity baby #fighertiah. He is so adorable!

    Met my readers from Subang who read my blog since they were young. Does this mean sthat we are old? J This shows that World Cup is indeed a global event for all nationalities and people from different age groups.


    They were also the champion for the station games! Congratulations girls!

    So what are you waiting for? All these apps are available for FREE download on IOS/Android. TTYL, as I need to set my alarm clock for the match later. =)

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