Chang Xian Stemboat @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

    The rainy weatherfor the past few days has been the perfect excuse to stay home and cook. However, on my cheat days, we will got for warm and comforting steamboat.
    Chang Xian at Publika Mall is one of our favorite steamboat places.
    We were here on a Saturday afternoon and the crowd slowly poured in after. The restaurant’s interior is not decorated with a huge deal of flair, but it is bright, clean and pleasant. I like how we can enjoy having our steamboat in an air conditioned and comfortable environment.
    Chang Xian means “tasting the freshness” in Chinese words. I am glad to say that we were not disappointed as most of their steamboat ingredients were really fresh and delicious.
    When in Chang Xian, remember to order their herbal tea (liang cha). It was really refreshing and “kao” (think) without feeling too sweet. The two of us actually finished one whole jug.
    We were having fun creating our own dipping sauces at the sauce bar.
    I came out with this really delicious combination – spring onion, onion, soy sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, sesame sauce and sesame oil.
    We went for the Signature Fish Pot (RM 38) which can be shared amongst 4-6 pax. In Chang Xian, every table comes with individual and common stove so patrons can opt to share a big pot or to have their own individual pots. For individual pots, choose from pork bone soup, chinese wine chicken soup, shark bones with herbs soup, vegetarian soup, thai style tom yum soup or szechuan hot and spicy soup (RM 5-6).
    Fish soup is something I imagine many love but shy away from making at home. It involves tedious steps such as deep frying the fish pieces before boil them for long hours. With a myriad of ingredients such as siakap fish, cabbage, yam, tofu, bean curd sheet, tomatoes, spring onion and milk inside; the tasty savory sweet broth with a milky smooth feel was delicious.

    Chang Xian’s home made three seasons meat balls were pretty impressive. They had a very nice and firm texture with the right flavors. Beware when you eat the crab roe balls as the oozing crab roe centre might scald your tongue. It was amazing! Remember to also order their home made dumplings. The filling of those plump looking dumplings were so juicy and flavourful!
    Crab Roe Ball (RM 9.90), Meat Ball (RM 6.80)
    Three Seasons Meat Ball (RM 15.80)
    Sliced Pork Loin (RM 9.80)
    Shrimp Dumpling (RM 10)
    White Prawn (RM 17.80)
    Leeks Dumpling (RM 10)
    Stuffed Mushroom (RM 9.80)
    While we really liked Chang Xian’s soup and steamboat ingredients; their Stir Fried Octopus Tentacles with Aromatic Salt (RM 13.80) was nothing to shout about. I was hoping for a stronger flavours, just like those we tried in Hong Kong’s dai pai dong.

    I am glad that we found a good steamboat place near home. Chang Xian Steamboat is priced higher and everything is ala carte because as they serve nothing but the freshest steamboat ingredients.

    Chang Xian,
    A2-G1-8, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
    Same row as Ante & Pappa Rich.
    Tel: 03-6206-3928

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