Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant @ Kiara Designer Suite, Mont Kiara

    Located on the ground level of Kiara Designer’s Suite, Yuu-jo is a fairly new kid on the block along Jalan Kiara 3.  It is a wonderful little under-the-radar Japanese restaurant where I can find an interesting selection of good, not-crazy-expensive udon or soba, a bargain bowl of don for lunch and some nice grilled seafood. A warm welcome by the gorgeous looking lady boss is definitely an icing on the cake.
    The place is cozy and relaxed; with a small white board featuring specials of the day, dark wooden tables and chairs, as well as paintings with Japanese elements adorning the wall.
    We enjoyed having Yuu-jo’s green tea with roasted brown rice – “genmaicha”.  I used to call Genmaicha popcorn tea because it contains whole roasted grains of brown rice which have popped. It’s sweet, toasted rice flavour is really addictive.
    We also tried Yuu-jo’s special blended coffee. It was thick, creamy and aromatic but a tad too sweet for my likings.
    The Beef Salad (RM 16.90) that consists of seasonal mixed vegetables, premium grilled beef, assorted mixed mushrooms with onion dressings was served as a starter prior to our rice and noodles dishes. Well-cooked with pink centre, the grilled beef slices were juicy and tender. They went really well with the crunchy and fresh greens, grilled mushroom with delicate flavor and some absolutely delicious dressing that was slightly sweet, tangy and salty.
    Yuu-jo’s Salmon Carpaccio (RM 18.80) redefines the way I enjoy my salmon sashimi in a Japanese restaurant. This is a refreshing change that fits right in. I could have never imagine having raw salmon slices with pickled radish slices, okra with a tangy and nutty dressing. However, the combination worked like magic!
    Here comes our main dishes. My order of Spicy Tori Katsu Udon (RM 22.80) with deep fried boneless chicken in bread crumb looked something like a Japanese version of curry laksa. Just like curry laksa, the broth was thick and creamy without the cloying feel. Only difference was that the broth was extremely aromatic and slightly sweeter. I would have licked the bowl clean if I am not watching my weig
    KampungBoy’s Tori Katsu Don (RM 16.80) with deep fried chicken and slow simmered egg came right after. The chicken slices were all fresh and well-cut on the large side, with lightly seasoned rice that satisfies any carbs lover. I found the chicken slices to be slightly salty though.
    Beef Steak Wasabi with Teriyaki Sauce (RM 25.80) was a steal (sshhh, I hope the shop owner will not revise their pricing). Big cubes of pan fried medium rare steak seasoned with wasabi and served together with teriyaki sauce gave us a big explosion of flavours. The steak was coupled with my favorite greens such as pumpkins, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower, making it a satisfying dish on its own.
    One last dish before we entered into food coma state – Salmon Plate (RM 27.80). We enjoyed having the pan fried teriyaki salmon steak as it was cooked just right. The bed of with tempura udon was intriguing as who would have thought that deep fried udon will taste that good? It looked like fries but the texture was crunchy on the outside and chewy inside. Very interesting!

    Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant is indeed a hidden gem that I wish I can keep to myself.  It has a nice simple ambiance and food is freshly cook upon ordering. I also like how the chef employs his creativity in tweaking some of these traditional Japanese dishes.

    Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant
    B1-B3, Kiara Designer Suites, 18, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
    Open lunch & dinner, except Mondays. Can be crowded for lunch; it’s calmer in the evening.
    Tel: 03-6206-5273

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