The Future of Home Entertainment

    We both have a busy lifestyle that leave us little time or no time to catch up on our favourite TV shows. Sometimes we felt left out when our friends were discussing about the latest American Idol winner or the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy 8.
    I’m sure a lot of you out there are just like us, always on the go. We have decided to upgrade our Astro package with the installation of Astro B.yond PVR. The installation guys came on time as scheduled and they were very patient when attending to our questions while doing a simple demonstration.
    astro pvr
    With Astro B.yond PVR, our weekends are spent catching up on recorded television shows. We get to record our favourite programmes, with a large hard disc space of 500 GB capacity for over 290 hours of SD and up to 100 hours of HD recording.
    As a drama buff, I also love the series link function. With just one click, all the episodes of my favourite TV programmes are queued and set to record automatically. This includes future episodes in the coming months! There is no need to set reminder to record my favourite drama everyday.
    While watching a TV show, I can pause and rewind as I wish. Sometimes, I will pause the show and go and grab some quick bites or do some house chores before coming back and resume watching. How convenient!
    astro pvr5
    KampungBoy uses a lot of the dual tuner function that allows him to record two programmes simultaneously while watching a pre-recorded show.
    Most of the functions available are pretty simple and user friendly. Even my parents have no problems navigating through the TV guides and VOD (video on demand). Just click on the “My TV”, “guide” or “VOD” button and it shall lead you to your TV show library, TV guides for today or the next 24 hours and Video on Demand page. In the main menu, the colour buttons represent different function and it is being stated clearly.
    The search function is very useful in searching for shows instead of browsing through different channels.
    astro pvr1
    TV guides are also available in four languages – English,Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Tamil. The 10 minutes guide is very simple and easy to understand. You can also set reminder to watch the guide or record it down for future references.
    astro pvr6
    It is very easy to switch some of the audio languages/subtitles from English to Chinese for some of our favourite TV programmes.
    The new design interface of Home Menu, TV Guide and VOD menu is clean and clear cut. We just scroll up, down, left, right and select.
    One of the coolest feature of the new Astro B.yond PVR is that it is Wi-Fi enabled. The PVR is Wi-Fi enabled for connection to our home Wi-Fi internet, giving us access to download Video On Demand (VOD) and Catch up TV. To start, just select new connection, enter your network key and wait for the decoder to reboot.
    astro pvr4
    Once connected, it is time to explore Video on Demand. Under VOD catalogues, there are 6000 TV shows and movies available via different channels such as Astro First, Astro Best, A-List, Astro on Demand, etc. There are also free content available for downloads! I can finally catch up on TVB drama – Triumph in The Skies 2 which everyone else around me has already watched it. Hello Holiday and Sam (the main actress and actor)!
    astro pvr2
    Before purchasing, you can actually play the preview or add to favourites for future purchases. Once purchase, wait for the download to complete and you can start to enjoy the show! We bought “The Journey” for RM 15 and our whole family watched it together at the comfort of our home, with various snacks and cooling drinks prepared by mum. With HD picture quality and Dolby Digital sound quality, it was a great experience without even having to go to the cinema.

    Visit Astro B.yond website for more information.

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