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    Ipoh is my birthplace. When I was younger, my father would occasionally take me and my sisters out for breakfast during the weekends. This was a treat in more ways than one. We got to order our favourite Ipoh white coffee, charcoal toasts and half boiled eggs at one of our favourite coffee shops in Ipoh old town.

    I enjoy people watching, as their conversations and daily lives unfold around their plates of kai si hor fun while sipping on their cups of aromatic Ipoh white coffee.
    old town nn
    Food images from our instagram @kampungboycitygal

    Years later, I grew up and moved away from my hometown, Ipoh. Most often, I do not have the luxury of time to eat out due to my busy lifestyle. During weekends, kampungboy and I would prefer to stay in bed for a little longer just to catch up on some sleep. By the time we wake up, it is time for lunch. So our breakfast at home is simple and predictable — scrambled eggs, pancake, French toasts and sometimes roast chicken when we are feeling extra famished.
    In maintaining my childhood’s food traditions, my breakfast/brunch always come with a dose of caffeine in the form of Ipoh white coffee. I feel very proud of Ipoh’s white coffee because Ipoh old town that was once well known for its good food and many historical shop-houses has now make its name internationally, all because of white coffee. Only true white coffee originated from old town in Ipoh and one of my favourite brands is OLDTOWN White Coffee 3in1. The aroma and the taste brings back memories.










    Even my tea break has to be paired with a cuppa or two of Ipoh white coffee, making it two servings per day. Coffee is good for you right? It is rich in antioxidants, it makes you less stress, it makes you feel happier and it is also great for your liver!




















    Tell us about your favourite coffee moments too! Mine is when I need a break!

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