Fresh Breath for 12 Hours!

    Italian’s roasted garlic, Korean’s garlic marinated beef, Thailand’s garlic fried chicken, Japan’s ramen with minced garlic…

    As food lovers, I often need to trade-off great food with the foul taste that follows, even hours after eating my meal. I call that a job hazard.

    I know that there is nothing that a chew gum can’t fix. It gets rid of that garlicky dragon breath almost instantly. However, bad breath that is caused by oral bacteria, especially the nasty ones that produce VSCs (Volatile Sulfur Compound) cannot be solved by just chew gum or mint leaves and even brushing your teeth 10 times a day.










    I have a day job and my job nature is client facing – making presentations and having constantly to meet clients for updates and follow-ups. I can’t imagine having bad breath and my clients being in a close proximity to me; have to bear with it. I depend heavily on mints but sometimes they give me headache (true story!). Apparently, chewing action can put an extra burden on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and that causes headache. I need an alternative solution!
    EF Pack 2D_1
    Darlie Expert Fresh is my life savior! With Zinc Citrate Advanced Formula that attacks the oral bacteria effectively that causes bad breath, it forms a protective shield to prevent plaque build-up. Now I can have long-lasting fresh breath that last for 12 hours.

    I mean, how easy is it? Brushing teeth is something that I do at least twice a day. Apart from cleaning my teeth, removing plagues, it also provides me with fresh breath!
    KampungBoy who faces similar problem is also converting to Darlie Expert Fresh!
    EF KV FA
    It is proven that with the use of Darlie Expert Fresh:
    1) oral bacteria reduced after one week as compared to regular floride toothpaste.
    2) provides 12 hours fresh breath after brushing in the morning.

    Hello fresh breath! Now I can constantly blow air into kampungboy’s face haha! He can also kiss me goodnight as long as he brushes his teeth with Darlie Expert Fresh.

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