Takumi Japanese Fine Dining @ Grand Millennium Hotel KL

    For travelers and foodies, there are plenty of dining options along Jalan Bukit Bintang. From international cuisine to authentic local flavors, there is something to suit everyone’s palate and budget. However, when it comes to Japanese fine dining, Takumi @ Grand Millennium Hotel stands out.
    Takumi’s interior is simple but modern with lots of wood elements used with natural themed colors.
    We started with some edamame to nibble on. They were very fresh and crunchy. Remember to have a good chat with Takumi’s General Manager, Mr. Johnnie Teoh as he is willing to share his Japanese food knowledge with his guests after working in Japan’s F&B scene for the past 13 years. He also though us on the correct technique to enjoy our edamame.
    Kani Salad – RM18 (small) / RM28 (large)
    This light vegetable salad with mani is a perfect appetizer. We were told that the goma sauce was being infused with some wasabe, creating a unique flavour.
    Our Sashimi platter ( RM180)

    Presentation was so immaculate and visually well balanced. The plate and the greens brought out the colours of the fishes so well. There were sawara (Spanish mackerel), maguro (tuna), kanpachi (amberjack), hotate (scallop), sake (salmon), and ohyuu (halibut). The thick cut sashimis were all very fresh with delicate and clean flavors. We also learnt from Johnnie that everything in the plate is edible, such as the shiso leaf, julienned radish and water pepper (dark purple leaves). These leaves have strong anti-bacterial effects and prevents food poisoning.
    One of the best dish of that night has to be this Lobster Mentaiyaki (half,  RM78). The flavour of the mentaiko topping was unique, reminiscent of the taste of sea, and most definitely umami. The lobster was the freshest too, the smoky flavour from the grill was excellent.
    It was my first time trying Kawahagi Fish aka Leather Jacket fish (seasonal price). This fish is normally being served as sushi with its liver. However, we had it steamed ala Chinese style with mushroom, spring onion and soya sauce the other day. It was nothing to shout about as it tasted pretty bland to me.
    The Chicken Curry Cutlet Maki (RM30.00) was an interesting dish as it combines all my favorite ingredients in one maki roll. I had double portion as most of my dining companions were reserving their stomach space for the next dish.

    Tada! The A5 Wagyu Sirloin (RM 180, 150g) is definitely worth sacrificing your maki rolls for.  Graded A5, it has  some beautiful marbling and meltingly softness.

    Angus Beef Shabu-Shabu (RM88)
    The wagyu beef was my favorite. Because the meat was thinly sliced, it only has to be cooked for a few seconds, saying “shabu shabu.” The beef slice tasted perfect and it just melts in my mouth! The simple kombu-dashi broth was extraordinarily delicious after some ‘swish-swish’ action and slow boiling with plenty of raw vegetables.
    We ended the night with an impressive looking fruit platter. I do not mind having fruits everyday if it comes in such a pretty form, and easy to be eaten too!
    The review session falls on my actual birthday too! The kind people from Hungry Go Where Malaysia brought me these cute and delicate looking cupcakes!
    Thank you so much for your kind gesture Hungry Go Where Malaysia, the best food portal and food app in Malaysia! Thanks to KY Speaks, Issac Tan, Elaine and the other bloggers who so ‘layanly’ sang me birthday song too hehe!
    Takumi Japanese Fine Dining
    Address: Lobby Floor, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, No. 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 03-2110 6226
    Mon.-Sun. 11:00-14:30 (Lunch)
    Mon.-Sun. 18:00-22:30 (Dinner)

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